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Ability to adjust viewport Layer and Class visibility from inside Annotation Space.

hollister design Studio


VW already allows us to switch between editing menus - a much appreciated feature for workflow - it would be great to add Layers and Class visibility editing in "annotation space".


I've found myself wanting to turn layers and classes on and off as I'm annotating and was thinking about how much it puts me "out of' my workflow to have to:

  • close down the annotation editing space-
  • open the Layers Visibility menu-
  • close the Layers Visibility menu-
  • close the Class Visibility menu-
  • close the Class Visibility menu-
  • reopen the annotation editing space-
  • try and remember what I was doing before I had to go through all the above...


...and then maybe repeat if I didn't get it right!



Also - It's already posted as a Wish that the viewport Class and Layer visibility menus had a toggle between each other so we don't have to open/close/reopen the visibility menu as were setting viewport visibilities.

This is still something I think about daily.

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@hollister design Studio Right click context menu is probably best if you want to access it often.  I personally have it in a menu alongside my other Viewport scripts.  You could also consider putting it on a shortcut key.


One final way to get to it would be to write a script that calls the tool and have a script palette open to it so that it's always a double-click away.  But keep in mind that the script would live with the drawing and would need to be imported to other drawings.

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@Jesse CogswellThank you for making this available to our community! 

This is a great tool.. definitely should be core functionality of VW out of the box. Completely non-modal would be even better,

but I don't think that could be done with scripting, unless I'm mistaken..  but I digress..

I'm using it in my document context right click, and I've found that when I'm in a viewport annotation

it'll appear only if an annotation element is selected.. not when simply right clicking in an otherwise "empty" part of the viewport.

Is this expected behavior?

Now... how about restoring the snapping tools to a palette.. is that a possible customizaton?

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@dtheory I just tested this in both VW2019 and VW022.  In document context, I was able to get the command while inside a viewport annotation with nothing selected.  It is slightly more "buried" because of the added context commands, so it might just not be in a place you're expecting.




As for the snapping palette, I'm very much with you.  In one sense, snaps are kind of a set and forget thing for me, the only one I toggle regularly is the Tangent snap, so it being out of the way is great.  However, it's now so far out of the way when I do want to toggle something, and now the old shortcut keys are no longer tied to snapping.  It took me a bit to realize that 'R' now repeats last menu command rather than toggling the Tangent snap.


That being said, there's not much I could do about it in terms of scripting.  I COULD write a script for each one to toggle the preference, which would live in a script palette and could change name based on current status, but the far easier thing you can do is put snapping into your Smart Options Display, though it would suck to lose one whole slot to it.



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