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Does anyone know if there is a way to set the default line type? I know I can select line type, then the dash style and that will be the line going forward until I select solid line...for instance. But when I select line type again, it defaults back to the line it is defaulted to by Vectorworks.


I want to be able to lock-in the default line type I plan to use when not using a solid line so that I dont have to take the extra step every time of also having to choose the dash style over and over again.



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I believe it's always whatever is alphabetically first.


So the alternatives you have include:

-Renaming your preferred Line Type in the Resource Manager (starting with 1- or example). Or,

-Using a class for your dashed lines, so you'd choose the Line Type as part of the class definition, then just assign the object to the class (assuming the object's attributes are "By Class")

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I'm actually having no luck with this. I suppose part of the problem is I am building on someone else's document, but it keeps defaulting to a nasty little dotted thing that I hate. I can't seem to change the names of the default line settings, and the name of the actual default line isn't at the top alphabetically anyway so I'm not sure that even works. Were you able to solve this? 

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No, the first non-solid line type in a file will become the default line type whenever Line Type is chosen.

You can try and purge or delete all line types and then reintroduce the one you want as a default in your template file. It should then become the default after which you can reintroduce all the types you use from another file using cut and paste of an assemblage of all the examples. At least I think this technique still works.

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