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  1. You're going to lecture a total stranger about personal responsibility? I DID check the system compatibility - when I bought the software. If the company I bought that software changes the software so that it ISN'T compatible with my operating system (or the upcoming update to my operating system) don't you think they should maybe mention that? I'm not here blaming engineers - I have complete respect for the job that they do. What I am saying is that if the SALES department can get out an e-mail every three days telling me "2019 is here, don't miss the boat!" , then the technical support department should be able to get out an e-mail letting folks know that they might want to hold off on installing it until some bugs are worked out. I haven't upgraded to Mojave yet, the point is that I WOULDN'T HAVE KNOWN ABOUT THE PROBLEM UNTIL AFTER I DOWNLOADED VWX 2019 if I had. That's just bad customer service. It has nothing to do with the engineers, so don't make it out like I'm some jerk blaming my problems on the people trying to help me. I don't think I'm being unreasonable to point out that they should have communicated directly with users by e-mail about the issues, and I think I am entitled to know a timeline for when the problems will be sorted so I can get on with the business of upgrading my equipment. I don't want to waste my client's time jumping around between versions of the software, or space in my hard drive generating and tracking multiple versions of the same file. Just a notice of the problem and a timeline for fixing it. Why is that too complicated?
  2. I agree that it's not germane, since the real problem is VectorWorks communication - I didn't even see a warning until I downloaded 2019 and noticed the little red bell at the top when I opened the first file in it. An e-mail wouldn't have killed them. Nor would an apology now, but of course they'd rather blame Apple and VWX customers than even consider taking any kind of responsibility. Also, all of these folks commenting about how 'everyone knows' you don't upgrade your OS until three service packs in are - well, lets just say they must have more time to focus on how the computer software industry works than I do. I mean, thanks for the free advice and all, but seriously, I've got too much work to do to hang out in tech forums. I'm a one-man company, and if I'm paying $7k for software with a $700 yearly subscription, I just want the software to work. As a designer, I totally cop to not being interested one iota in how the tech magic happens, anymore than a carpenter is interested in how a hammer is forged. If Vectorworks can't be bothered to take care of small shops with something as simple as an e-mail, they are going to have to write off whole industries. In entertainment (where Vectorworks is currently the favored software, followed by AutoCad and Sketchup, and Macs are the hardware of choice) we are independent contractors running one-man shows that are hired in by large companies - we don't have the luxury of a technical support department or the time to become one, and time spent figuring out how to deal with your software problems can be just as easily spent learning your competition's software, which doesn't seem to be having the same issues. And PS - I haven't had any pressure to upgrade my OS to Mojave from Apple, but I did have Vectorworks rushing me into installing 2019. Maybe back off of that until you know it works?
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