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Un-joined walls

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Unfortunately, I do not know what causes this. We are, however, trying to figure out what triggers this problem. We have not been able to get a reproducible case but we are currently testing for this (and other project sharing related issues). I certainly understand your frustration and want this issue resolved. Do you know if this happens after you "Save and Commit", close the working file, and then reopen it? If you have any idea what triggers the problem, please let me know.


One more question: Are the walls becoming completely unjoined or is it custom component joins that come undone?

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@Matt Panzer It's generally noticed after I have have saved, committed and closed the file then come back to the working file. I do not notice it happening while I'm working in the file. However that's not to say it doesn't happen.


One thing I can think of is that all my wall types are different. This particular project is an old historic masonry building and so I have about 15 different wall thicknesses all as their own wall style but with the same class and texture assignments. There are also a fair number of wall projection elements for pilasters at the perimeter of the exterior walls. That may or may not have something to do with it.



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We have seen similar issues in a project file recently, 3 persons working at the same time.

Suddenly walls on several floors became unjoined and some misplaced. We recreated the file from an earlier backup and copied newer elements over to get back on track. I forgot to save the problem file 


I can't really tell what caused it but we were in a phase discussing color and material use in the exterior. 

Me ( the admin ) was changing textures on wall styles to evaluate different color options. Meanwhile a coworker was dimension walls and openings on different  layers. There was no warnings or messages displayed but suddenly a lot of wall got unjoined. I suspect fiddling with textures used on wall styles forced  some walls to update on several layers and can be part of the problem also the dimensions associated to wall ends and openings. 



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We encountered this issue with 2018 SP0-5, on project sharing. After the PS-phase was completed, the walls have remained joined, at least so far.  On VW2019 we haven'tried PS yet.


The only thing I could pinpoint at the time was the save/commit/refresh process: Workstation 1 displayed nicely joined walls, but workstations 2 and 3 unjoined them at refresh. What is baffling, the unjoins were not the same on different machines. Additionally, no intentional user operations on walls or wall styles were necessary for the unjoin to happen - simply refreshing the PF after doing anything at all on one of the workstations.


The workaround was to save the project as .vwx from workstation 1, then reshare-it.



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