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  1. Has anyone else had issues with the parking space object? The accessible space is all sorts of screwed up. The aisle is placed over top of the adjacent parking space instead of next to it and the width of the accessible space is 5' larger than what is specified in the OIP. HELP! Untitled-1 (dragged).tiff
    Works great! Now, can we make one that is the HSW type? That would be amazing.
  2. This seemed to work. Not entirely sure why as the wall was highlighted when I originally inserted the clerestory window. All is good now though. I'll keep an eye out for this in the future. Thank you for your help!
  3. I've tried that and it is not working. The work around is to have a separate wall above on another design layer, but this is not ideal in almost all situations. Any other thoughts?
  4. Alright, this has only started happening recently. Anyone have an idea why this happens when I insert a clerestory window above a door? Instead of seeing the wall cut by the door it isn't cut by either the door or the window above. Help greatly appreciated!
  5. OK, so I've created a bathroom as a symbol for a large multifamily development. But I need to have the door tags editable for each symbol instance. How do I do that? Thank you!
  6. Thank you, everyone, for your replies and advice. This has been incredibly helpful and instructive. Moving from mostly single family and light commercial to large Multi-family has been an interesting transition. I appreciate all your advice! Cheers.
  7. My most sincere thanks for the input you've all given so far. This particular project is a little complicated so I'm going to adopt a hybrid of just about all the suggestions above. Breaking out the units so that I can reference them (i.e. only draw/detail them once) is going to be a huge savings. Pulling out the elevations, section views and other details into separate referenced files is also going to be a huge savings of both time and CPU power. This will also allow me to bring in outside help without necessarily having to go the Project Sharing route. There have been too many bugs with that lately. Thanks again!
  8. @herbieherb Thank you for your input. I hadn't thought of creating a layer for the units and then referencing them onto the individual stories. This particular project is a historic building, but the units stack vertically so that could save me a boat load of time and frustration. I'll give that a shot and hopefully it will help with the computing power. Currently I have 16mb of ram and a decent graphics card. I may be upgrading near the end of the year so we'll see. Thanks again!
  9. I'm looking for advice on what the best workflow is for a large multifamily project. The project is 5 floors, 145k+sf. Currently my file is 500mb+ and is seriously killing my computer. It takes forever to do simple tasks. Should I break apart the floors into separate files, then reference them into a master file to pull all my sheets together? Or is there a better way? Thank you!
  10. I'm looking for advice on what the best workflow is for a large multifamily project. The project is 5 floors, 145k+sf. Currently my file is 500mb+ and is seriously killing my computer. It takes forever to do simple tasks. Should I break apart the floors into separate files, then reference them into a master file to pull all my sheets together? Or is there a better way? Thank you!
  11. @Matt Panzer The entire wall comes unjoined. I don't know what custom component joins are. I use the join wall tool, not the join component tool. Is that what you meant?
  12. @Matt Panzer It's generally noticed after I have have saved, committed and closed the file then come back to the working file. I do not notice it happening while I'm working in the file. However that's not to say it doesn't happen. One thing I can think of is that all my wall types are different. This particular project is an old historic masonry building and so I have about 15 different wall thicknesses all as their own wall style but with the same class and texture assignments. There are also a fair number of wall projection elements for pilasters at the perimeter of the exterior walls. That may or may not have something to do with it. Thanks!
  13. @Matt Panzer I do not have any idea what might be causing the problem. I am using Project Sharing, though it isn't necessary right now. I am using Design Layer Referencing but not within the building model. The references are for 2D details on separate design layers not tied to stories. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
  14. Lord give me strength. Can someone tell me why all my wall intersections are un-joining when I open the file? It's really getting annoying to spend hours every week re-joining my walls on a 145,000sf multifamily project.
  15. There seems to be a problem with the text. For the first User Field it works fine. For 2 and 3 it won't accept text. I've tried setting it to General, Text, Boolean, nothing works. Any thoughts?
  16. @Pat Stanford Thank you! That is exactly what I needed. For the database header, do I need to change the record or do I just change the header cell itself? Or does it matter? Thank you again!
  17. Hello all, I have a window schedule that is database driven. I have columns for Mark, RO width and height, sash operation, etc. However I need to have certain columns where I just enter text that will not be database driven. How do I do this? I've been fussing around with this for the better part of my morning and I'm about to pull my hair out. Thanks!
  18. Pat, thank you! I actually didn't need the "on schedule" criteria, so it's gone now. The way I have to build the windows is complicated, so only those that will be on the schedule are checked in the OIP. Everything else is left off. This was an interesting learning experience. I appreciate your help! Cheers.
  19. I figured it out. The stacked order of my criteria was wrong. I deleted the 'Field Value-On Schedule' criteria and kept the ID Prefix criteria. Works great! Now to create individual schedules for 10 buildings and 4 floors....*bangs head on desk*.
  20. Pat, thanks for your response. What you've described is what I have in my criteria. See screenshots of criteria and result attached. I appreciate your help!
  21. Good evening everyone. I'm hoping this is an easy one for the group. I need to segregate my window schedules by building and by floor. For example, my window tags are labeled W1-101, W8-101, etc. I need to have a window schedule that only populates the W1 windows, then another for the W8, etc. I added a criteria for Field Value, ID Prefix (under windows), but it won't remove the others. It brings them all in for that floor. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  22. @Christiaan I still don't see how to change the tag for multiple instances of the same window. I.e. window W11-100 would also have instances of W11-101, 102, 103, etc. For large commercial projects like this the windows need to be sequential for location purposes as much as identifying them on the schedule. Believe me I'd love to have just one tag per window type like on a residential project and then simply list the quantity in the schedule.
  23. For this particular instance, I think this might actually work the best. Thanks for your insight!
  24. @Kevin McAllister, do you have any links to resources to learn how to build a custom window symbol? One that can be added to schedule and have control via the OIP? I'm fairly new to custom modeling anymore more complicated than a simply extrude. Thank you for all your help!


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