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Patrick West

Polygons with Hatches are un-selectable


This is ridiculous. 

If I create a new hatch, via duplicating and manipulating an existing one, and apply it to a simple polygon, I will later be unable to select that polygon unless I click on its edges. Regardless if the hatch has a fill or not. 

Please help/fix. 


thank you

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Hi @Patrick West


I work for the New Zealand distributor of Vectorworks providing Tech Support for our users. While investigating a different issue involving Hatches in a users's file, I experienced this same situation. After verifying it was only affected certain Classes my expectation was that this behaviour was due to a random corruption, but because of your report (and despite my inability to reproduce the problem from scratch) I will submit this to engineering. 


I expect Engineering will face a similar challenge recreating the conditions that cause this problem. So if you are aware of how to recreate this issue it would be extremely helpful. If you have a file you're happy to contribute that would be great (message me privately) or post your proven sequent/conditions here.



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Selecting hatched objects has always been problematic in Vw.  Sometimes you can select them by clicking on a hatches linework and sometimes you can't.

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I run into this problem as well.


Including being unable to select a Section Viewport via clicking on the fill of a sectioned/hatched object.

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