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  1. Jeremy Best's post in Vectorworks won't open. Antivirus software to blame. was marked as the answer   
    UPDATE: There is some indication that antivirus companies involved have already updated their antivirus definitions. If so, this means:
    Users who have yet to be affected but who would have been, won't be affected now.  Users who are affected, should be able to overcome this issue simply by making sure their antivirus is up-to-date and using the newest threat/definitions list.   
    If you have been affected, you can try the following instead of the solution posted at the top: 
    Update your AV software/definitions to fix the false positive condition. If that doesn't work;  Unquarantine the Vectorworks files (be careful to not unquarantine any legitimate threats that were also quarantined). If that doesn't work;  If your AV software continues to quarantine any Vectorworks components; Whitelist the Vectorworks program folder as suggested in my original post.  If you have already deleted the quarantined Vectorworks file/s, just run the 'Repair' mode, found inside the 'Advanced' menu inside the Vectorworks Updater app. - This is found:  On Mac: Macintosh HD > Applications > Vectorworks 20XX > On Win: C:\Program Files\Vectorworks 20XX\Vectorworks Updater\
  2. Jeremy Best's post in Error loading Vision Library was marked as the answer   
    Hello everyone! Tech Support USA have provided me with a fix for this issue that worked for me and a user I worked with on this. 
    1. Quit Vectorworks 2019
    2. Go to: Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/Vectorworks 2019
    3. Select and copy these three folders:
    ⁃  Gobos
    ⁃  Library
    ⁃  textures
    4. Go to: Macintosh HD/Applications/Vectorworks 2019/Vision and paste them in.
    5. Reopen Vectorworks. 
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