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Issues with Active Document / Window Selection



I've been regularly having an issue in 2018 where I cannot switch between two files.  I have two files open in VW (we'll call them A and B for clarity).  I am working in A; I select B either by clicking the tab or using the window menu and the screen switches to the inactive document (B).  However, if I do anything (pan, zoom, draw a line, navigate the resource browser, etc), it happens in A, not B, even though by all accounts, B is the active drawing.  In the window menu and resource browser, A is checked or bolded, indicating that it is the active document, even though it is currently in the background.


This is driving me nuts.  The only way I've found to fix it is to close all files but the one I want to use.  This is far from ideal.


Thanks for your help.



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Running VW2018 for Windows here and am experiencing this recently - it was running like a bull when I first got it up and running but in the last couple of months (with no updates since originally installing SP6) it's been awful!.... thanks @elarsonld for the original post - thought I'd never find anyone else experiencing this.  the only obvious fix for me which is counter productive is to close all but 1 file.


I sure do hope there's still juice left to patch this for VW 2018 users.

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