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  1. Several vaccines for covid have been developed and released before this bug has been fixed and an update released even. Any fix for this yet???
  2. Thank you for your detailed response. And this is the same for international sales/purchases too, yes?
  3. Hello Juan, I operate in Canada and looking for a 2nd VWA license, however, I'm noticing many of the licenses being sold are in the UK - what are the fees that relate to the sale of licenses sold from the UK that I should understand and be aware of? Thank you!
  4. Has this changed for VW for Windows? I'm currently running VW 2018 on Windows 10 Pro and am still struggling to find a way to have square ends / corners for lines / polygons - if there's a setting that will make that happen, I'd love to know how - thanks!
  5. Hello, A long shot but just curious if you still have one of those 2021 Architect licenses for sale still? Either way, please send a DM my way. Thank you!
  6. Hi all, so I was working on some construction details and I thought I'd use a couple of multiple view panes to reference some of the other sheets in my drawing file (I usually go back and forth with 2 in total but this time, 3 altogether); when I went to close one of the 3 panes, VW hiccuped and ended up placing a 'ghost' pane on top of all other panes when in Multiple View Panes (MVP) mode - this rogue pane as you can see in the screenshot below has a white strip (highlighted in the gray box below) that covers any other pane. The workaround, for now, is simply to use a floating pane which works without needing to be in MVP mode but it'd be nice to know how to 'purge' or close this rogue pane. Any suggestions on how to get rid of this 'rogue' pane would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! VW 2018 SP6 (Build 465771)(64-bit) Windows 10 Pro v2004 OS build: 19041.1348 Ryzen 9 5900X 3.7GHz 64 GB DDR4-3200 RAM NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970
  7. Running VW2018 for Windows here and am experiencing this recently - it was running like a bull when I first got it up and running but in the last couple of months (with no updates since originally installing SP6) it's been awful!.... thanks @elarsonld for the original post - thought I'd never find anyone else experiencing this. the only obvious fix for me which is counter productive is to close all but 1 file. I sure do hope there's still juice left to patch this for VW 2018 users.
  8. @Alexander Thiel Yes, I am on Mojave. My object info wasn't docked to the screen nor to any other palette to begin with - so what I did was disabled the option "allow floating palettes to dock" just for extra measures. Then I initiated the Gridline tool and created a gridline but immediately after, VW hangs. But after 3-4 minutes VW unhangs and I gain my regular cursor back (ie. not a pinwheel). However, as soon as it is selected, VW hangs again. The only thing that I think changed since I was able to properly use/edit/select Gridline entities was before I upgraded to Mojave, so that might just be the culprit - I hope this is enough to allow it to be investigated as a bug fix for future service pack releases. Thanks for your responses thus far.
  9. @Paulo Ferrari Update: I left my desk with VW hung for like 8-10mins and it unhung itself but as soon as I panned around, it hung (pinwheel) again... so there's definitely some VW process that is getting hung up but is still working in the background... very strange... such a simple tool can create such havoc.
  10. @Paulo Ferrari I disabled Automatic Graphic Switching but no luck. That's after rebooting as well. I thought this might be an isolated issue with this file I'm working with but I just opened a brand new file and initiated the Gridline tool but once the gridline was complete, VW hangs (Mac pinwheel).
  11. @Paulo Ferrari yes, I'm on SP6 - I've since deleted those buggy instances of the Gridline entity and have replaced them with manually created symbols. For specs: MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2016) 2.6 GHz Intel Core i7 16 GB 2133 MHz LPDDR3 Radeon Pro 450 2 GB Intel HD Graphics 530 1536 MB MacBook Pro.spx
  12. As indicated in subject, when I select the gridline object (created by gridline tool) VW hangs (Mac pinwheel). Any clues as to why or a fix for this bug? Thanks.
  13. I'll pull in a vector PDF document (either as referenced file or imported) every so often for reference which I need to snap to and it'll start fine but as certain tools are used or actions taken (I'm assuming), or for whatever reason, VW stops snapping to them mid-session. The only way I've found to remedy this is to save + QUIT VW and staring VW again - closing and reopening the file didn't do the trick. Any other workarounds welcome! Thanks in advance for any feedback. VW 2018 SP 6 (build 465771) 15" MBP 2016
  14. Thanks for the insight - sure sounds like a mult-thread optimization issue - haven't looked too far into that but I'm sure they've got some verbiage about it, albeit probably just for the buzz though. As for Windows, I'm half torn on the performance of VW and the other half on my 2016 i7 MacBook Pro which wasn't cheap but at the price and at the time I got it for, could've netted me a PC book with a signficant spec-bump.
  15. Thinking of investing in a Windows gaming machine (laptop for mobility) (as much as I really don't wish i had to) and to get VW on there to see if it's a MacOS vs Windows issue - I know Sketchup runs sigificantly smoother on PC's than it does on Macs (at least in my experience) so it might/can be the same for VW?... can only try to find out.
  16. Are these instances of slowness witnessed on both Macs and Windows PCs? I'm on a Macbook Pro 2016 and have really been acknowledging the bang-for-the-buck price points that are out there for the Windows OS machines. What kind of hardware are you guys running?
  17. Just a small potato design firm that has decided to unsubscribe from Service Select and have yet to install VW 2019 - with my 2016 i7/16GB/500GB MacBook Pro, I've come to the realization that it's not just my MBP that may be the hindrance but with the amount of similar complaints of the lag and slowness of the app, that it's got to do a lot with the software itself - sadly I don't even utilize the Architectural license to its fullest as I was put off by its 3D workflow so with just a 2D workflow in tow using multiple files (Plans + Sections/Elevs) to keep things lighter, I'm slowly winding down VW as the go-to app and migrating to the Sketchup/Layout workflow, not because it's any better, but just because things just seem to go a lot smoother without the migrane-inducing lags experienced in VW and for a lot less $.
  18. Hi, Just wondering if anyone is experiencing why the heliodon 2D graphic is not showing up in my design layer (one created just for it). It just appears as a VW node (ie. blue dot) and still editable via the OIP. If there's something I've got disabled, please let me know - thanks! Janvin VW2018 SP3 2016 Macbook Pro
  19. @markdd is there a quick way to toggle on/off that pink square that indicates current working plane?
  20. That was weird as it happened right before my eyes as one moment it was done properly then the next line it went buggy. Hope its in VW's bug database and thanks Kevin for the workaround.
  21. Hi guys, I think I accidentally toggled a mode on/off for the endpoint line type because now when I give a polyline a leader arrowhead, it's not behaving as it should. Attached are images of what it should be like and the other is what is currently happening. Restarted VW but haven restarted the comp yet. Any clues? Thanks in advance!
  22. Andy! Thank you for that quick tip - I'm curious why that isn't set by default. And that last checkbox (Merge Structural Objects with Same Fill) sounds pretty handy! Thank you once again Andy!
  23. Boy, I'm new to this section viewport business so I have to apologize for this question - it's so frustrating not knowing how to enable the components in my walls to simply show in my section viewports - it's currently displaying my section's walls and slabs as single entities. I know it's something simple but then again, transitioning to this bim workflow seems to be nothing but an uphill fight. "help me VW community, you're my only hope!" thanks!
  24. @Kevin McAllister Thanks Kevin - I'm guessing it's just something which VW assumes either users will just get use to using as-is or just call up the command 'full-time' with Shift-C combo - I'm coming from a Sketchup background and their Shift + middle mouse button is the perfect combination. It's a stretch but here's, hoping they add that bit of code to VW 2019...
  25. @markdd thanks again Mark - that's too bad, it's a really handy keyboard shortcut to have but the 'control' key is definitely awkwardly placed on the keyboard - first world problem. @Christiaan thanks for the reply Christiaan - the keyboard shortcut to the actual flyover tool is not what i was looking to change - thanks tho!
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