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  1. Hi all, Wonder if anyone is experiencing the same. I've just spent a while learning worksheets and linking reports & text to improve workflow and save time. Now I've got the hang of it I'm finding that you have to wait every time you change something in the worksheet, like the scale or rotation of the image. Is there a way around this? Thanks.
  2. Ah ha! Thank you for responding, feeling rather silly 😉
  3. Hi there, Is this a bug or something easily fixed?! Only just learning about worksheets, records etc. but this doesn't seem right. I'm using Windows 10.
  4. Thanks so much Tom W, that's a great help.
  5. Thanks Tom W - kind of you to share your own 3D files - that would be great, if you don't mind. Assemblance, I'm also thinking something like what you're describing would be a revelation! I think it will just have to be a set of symbols that I spend a day putting together myself and keep in a Doc M file.
  6. Could there be symbols specific to UK Building Regs, for example for a Doc M compliant WC layout and specifically door furniture?
  7. This would be such a useful symbol - finding the door furniture available pretty limited, and it's time consuming to draw up compliant WCs. If anyone knows the fastest way to do this or any plug in to help that would be great. A lot of Vectorworks symbols seem to be for the American market - wonder if there are plans to offer updates for UK based architects and designers, separate to the American versions, since we have different regulations to comply with?
  8. Sorry I appear not to have replied back in November! But just wanted to log that this doesn't appear to be an issue anymore! Thank you for your response.
  9. Update - it is crashing just because I'm duplicating a design layer, regardless of whether I try to edit it or not. Can this be fixed please?
  10. Hi, Don't know where to report this but it seems there is a but with 2020 - I've gone through the same process twice now and both times resulted in Vectorworks crashing. Here's the sequence: 1. Open Design Layer tab in Organization window 2. Edit proposed layer to add "Op 1" at the end (using new edit in live window feature) 3. Duplicate layer and edit "Op 1" to read "Op 2" 4. All fine but when I try to move Op1 above Op2 so that they are listed chronologically, both names change to say "Op 2" at the end. 5. Tried to change one of the same titles back to Op1 but window pops up saying "name already in use" even though they are both displaying as "Op2" 6. Click on 'Cancel' - Vectorworks disappears. I'll try to find a way around it but want to report it so if it's a bug it can be fixed. Thanks.
  11. This appears to still be an issue with 2020? I had it with 2019 as well. (Signature updated)
  12. THis appears to still be an issue with 2020? I had it with 2019 as well.
  13. I was working from a file saved in the cloud and it has crashed twice so I've saved to the desktop and working from there - is it not recommended to work from a file on the cloud or is this just a glitch today?
  14. Ps. Clip cube is something I'll have a look at next as not sure I've used this yet...!
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