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Any idea why my stair object is doing this?



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22 minutes ago, Jim Smith said:

Is the landing part of the Stair object or is it part of a Slab?



Yes would be good to see where stair ands and landing begins + adding or

deactivating top riser could maybe close the whole.

I think it is something with the riser not being vertical and resulting overlapping

of the side polygon.


I heard they know about some problems but can't remember it that was already

(not really) solved in SP2 or still coming.

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It looks like it is the result of the 2nd flight being in front of the first flight and generating a geometry conflict due to overlap in the hidden line render. If you set it to merge cross sections in the advanced properties it will go away. Setting it to a differrent kind of render makes it go away as well. If you reverse the direction in the OIP it also no longer shows.

I'd submit this as a bug.

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It does some strange Meshing anyway.

Look at most Face Normals pointing inwards, but not all.

Or the Faces with a Normal that do not show all Edges.

And that strange separation of the Landing in 2 Slabs.

The one Normal between Landing and last Riser or Risers

pointing completely off = either not coplanar or redundant


At this amount of complexity also not optimizable or alienable

automatically. You may have to align by hand and redraw some

missing or corrupt Polygons.





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