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Hidden Line Issue?



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For some reason, vwx is not HL rendering the subtraction from one face of the group of extruded lines.  I made an extruded rectangle, converted to NURBS (result is group of NURBS surfaces), deleted the top and bottom surfaces, then did some solid subtractions.


Probably other workarounds, but this should work with your figure. Maybe subtracting from one face of a shelled extrusion?


The Dashed HL works as expected. ???





Hidden Line Issue_B.vwx

HL Render.png

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4 hours ago, BG said:

Is this a bug?



The issue in that file is due to the rectangle (used in the large extrude) is made up of four individual lines - not a closed rectangle. - This is particularly important given that the subsequent operation performed on the extrude is a solid-subtraction. If you ‘Compose’ those four lines the Hidden Line rendering exhibits the way you’d expect. 


CORRECTION - Although composing the four lines that make up the larger rectangle avoids this issue I've verified the same conditions don't exhibit this effect in 2017, so I will submit as a bug. Sorry about the misdirection @BG

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3 hours ago, BG said:

Is this a bug?


Yes and no - most of this seems to be the complicated way you have constructed the elements. 


As far as the 'complexity' is concerned, clicking on the 'box' reveals its a solid subtraction (to form the 'letter box') and then clicking on that reveals the 'box' is an extrusion of 4 separate lines.


And - I see @Jeremy Bestjust snuck in before me with a better way. I was trying to upload an image built similarly but it seems part of the forum is brocken as far as images are concerned.


@BGI tried your file in 2017, but you've posted 2018. Neverless, if it works in 2017, perhaps you should notify a 'bug' ?


Edit - sorry, missed you out @Benson Shaw- equally reasonable way to fix the prob. I resolved to using 3d polygons.



Edit again!! - How are you guys uploading images atm? Wont work for me.


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Jim, can you confirm this is a bug please.  I don't think it matters if a simple or complicated way is used to create an object, if it can be created, then VW should display it.  I just wanted a quick way to create a hollow box with no fill. I don't consider extruding lines complicated.



Gadzooks, I've been using the 'choose files' button to upload an image.

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2 hours ago, BG said:

if it can be created, then VW should display it.

I agree. Creation process and geometry should not matter for HL to render the edges.


Additional exploration: I made a Sheet Layer ViewPort in otherwise unaltered copy of BG's file - Drag a screen plane rectangle crop around the design layer view, then View menu>Create Viewport (use rectangle as crop)>new Sheet Layer, then accept the defaults. When first revealed on the new sheet layer, the new VP shows all the edges as expected, but has the Out of Date border. Click Update in the OIP.  VP updates to same missing lines. No combo's of background HL and Forground HL display the missing lines. Any of the background render modes that show fill or texture (Fast RW, FQRW, Shaded Polygons, etc) display all the faces including the mail slot, but the foreground HL edges are always missing. 


Especially annoying when earlier versions can display the HL as expected.  I vote Bug.


Another workaround, at least in a VP - OGL background render, all fills set to white, Lighting Options set to Ambient100% (other lighting options are default).


Also works on Design Layer, OGL, if View>Lighting Options> Ambient set to 100%. But the vwx background is not white, so that would also have to be adjusted in Interactive prefs. 





OGL w:100%Ambient.png

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

It's a bug. Hidden line is incorrectly assuming all Add/Subtract/Intersect Objects create enclosed surfaces, when certain ones like this (extrusions of lines, in particular) do not. A workaround is to convert it to NURBS, which will turn it into an unconnected set of NURBS surfaces that render correctly in hidden line.

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