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Wes Gardner

Model Set Up (Revisited for 2019)

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Sounds like the basis for a good set of tutorial videos. And a Design Summit class. Imperial and Metric even. 


Im starting framing a house today and I hope to make time to forensically re-build the model via stories to get a better grip after manually editing my sections for window changes and joist depth updates. 

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In fact, I attended the AZ Design Summit and took the Model Set up class.  it quickly went off the rails due to varying degrees of grasp of the subject of those in attendance. I was suggesting that your previous post of getting familiar with making the resources from scratch would be a better agenda for the class materials or at least a directed series of video tutorials on this subject.  one for metric and one for imperial.  


See you in San Diego. 😎

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@Wes Gardner I hope you can help me. I used the Two Storey Split Level Trainer that you posted above on Posted November 9, 2018 with, what I thought, was some success. I understand the process that you illustrated in the training but when I applied it to my own small project I've come up against a hurdle. I created walls, slabs, foundations, etc. per the trainer but as soon as used "Create Roof" the exterior walls below the roof disappeared. I used all the same settings as in your exercise so couldn't't figure out where I went wrong. So I thought I'd try an experiment and went into the Two Storey Split Level Trainer and deleted to roof in that drawing and as soon as I applied the "Create Roof" tool, the walls below the roof disappeared as soon as the roof object appeared. Is there a glitch or a setting that I'm not seeing? Any help would be appreciated.


Edited to add, I thought of the answer while walking the dog. Embarrassed at how simple the solution is.

Screen Shot 2019-10-02 at 5.07.57 PM.png

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@MaltbyDesign...glad you got it to work out...I guess mine defaults to that....another issue is don't forget, when the roof command is run, it MAY place the roof in a class that is NOT on therefore making it seem as if nothing happened...


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Great job!

For me, the Layer Bound Wall Style gives me the most flexibility while maintaining

some semblance of bounding order.

Coming from other software where when floors are drawn, automatically offsets (bounds) wall bottoms to sub-floor.


As I must work with the sales person who starts/conceptualizes the projects, then take them thru real world building and estimating,

for now, this is the best/easiest option.





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