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  1. Guess I can get rid of some of these . . . Old versions advice?
  2. Understood. I manually modeled that after few tweaks with the framing tool made me think in that case I could model it manually faster. A larger project on the other increases the value in figuring out how to adapt wall styles to generate reasonable framing takeoff. Put an underling on it if there is one to do so.
  3. In theory, if you could get the parameters correct for the wall framer tool, the tool should be able to generate a generic takeoff. Of course then you have to account for the idiosyncrasies of the particularly framing crew involved. Nevertheless if you could template this well it should be a good budgetary ball-parker. Wes has posted some pretty impressive framing tool models in the past - if you had data for all the components it should be pretty accurate. I have not had great success with the framing tool but I have modeled framing for a more visual takeoff.
  4. I have watched several videos on the impressive performance of the M1 MacBooks. I am very close to ordering a max spec MBA because I despise the keyboard on my '18 MBP, much prefer the MBA ergonomics and the M1 should destroy my max spec '18 quad core i7 which runs quite hot now.
  5. Yeah I see the control handler to turn them off but it sure would be nice if the tool did what it is supposed to do. I do know they use analytics to see how much a tool is used to allocated engineering resources so I am going to pop in mess around with this tool a bit every day until the next Design Summit. 😎
  6. I have muddled through the property line tool from time to time in the past with success. As practice I tried to use it in this case and jeez this tool needs a ton of interface improvement. I realize I don't hall all the data but I drew lot 32 with some assumptions on. the arc segment and the ~75' leg, composed and made a property line. What I don't like is the bearings don't label correctly. Any videos of using this clunky tool?
  7. In reality for most of my homes, we would field frame the landing anyway so it wouldn't have the stringer components and the longer run would just have a plumb cut off the bottom nosing.
  8. Well Maybe I am wrong but 1 step beyond landing is 2 risers. No?
  9. Don't like the RAM limit but seems these M1 lapies might suit me well, maybe even the MBA! I am very rarely tied to a desk and my VW output is 3D print modeling and SFD homes and additions. Seems like a lot more HP than my current 2018 MBP which I paid a heck of a lot of money for. Looking forward to Juans updates after they receive their factory machines to test.
  10. OK I did read the other thread. So as I see it currently, the best course for now is max CPU clock speed for the latest intel MBP16 and not to worry about maxing out VRAM?
  11. New Macs debuted today with M1 chip. Is it known how these new rigs will handle VW? Is it even compatible yet?
  12. I use the wall tool, and set the components of the footing to what I want by modifying a "standard" VW resource to what I want including a custom graphic attribute set for the sheet viewport to indicated the footings in the way contractors in my area are used to seeing them. Which is dashed lines with no fill paralleling around the foundation walls.
  13. There are wall styles that ship with Architect that you can adapt to make your foundation and footings instead of using an EAP. You need to spend a while wrapping your mind around level bound and story bound and set your layers, levels and storeys to match what you intend to draw/build. If it was easy there wouldn't be so many threads and discussions and Design Summits about it. I find I have to "Story board" my job when I start. The Layers and level bounds are nested in so many places it can be hard to decipher. I think the easiest thing to do is use Finished Floor Elevation from the engineer as the subfloor level as ZERO and work from there. When grades are critical I will use those actual ELEVs but that makes constant math out of the layers and levels until its set up.
  14. Well your model seems set to Story Bound. Set Story 2 Elevation to 9'. Voila
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