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  1. Inspectorjack

    Shutters different color than window?

    Thanks a million Mike. Thats what I needed.
  2. Inspectorjack

    Shutters different color than window?

    Window_Problem.vwx Started new template file. Created class for shutters. Gave it a texture. Created a window with rustic shutters. No textures.
  3. Inspectorjack

    Shutters different color than window?

    Thank you for the help guys. I have something buggy going on but I copied mike's window into my file and changed my shutters to his shutter class and I can now change the texture of the rustic shutters. Interestingly even if I change the window's shutter class to a class I created I cannot change the texture AND the graphic control is still dictated by Mike's imported class. Dunno don't care that much at this point. This house will be sided and done soon. I'll be updating to latest SP or 2020 and check to see if this is resolved for my next house.
  4. Inspectorjack

    Shutters different color than window?

    It seems that my issue is that I am trying to color or texture a "Custom Shutter". Tried on Wes' shutter.test file as well (switch to custom shutter and texture does not apply). As shown I am using the Rustic shutter and I cannot change its attributes it seems without changing the window itself as well. Opening Wes' shutter.test gives me window classes along with window and trim classes. My own file does not have these classes. Wes did you create these classes or are the generated by the Window tool?
  5. Inspectorjack

    Shutters different color than window?

    I am in fact running 2019 SP3. This file was created in 2018 if memory serves my correctly.
  6. Inspectorjack

    Shutters different color than window?

    Looking at the Window Tool Settings dialog as posted there by Mike, the only classes that are created by window insertion are Glazing. The other <Window Class> does not appear to exist in my file. I did create a class for the shutters but it has no effect on the already inserted shutters.
  7. Inspectorjack

    Shutters different color than window?

    The windows are VW2019 Windows tool objects. Update Plug-in objects did not seem to work. In the OIP I can change the Texture such as Arroway Walnut Black getting me close but that changes the window and the shutter at the same time. Thats the closest I can get to what I want for now,
  8. Inspectorjack

    Shutters different color than window?

    Ok thank very much for this reply. This works for new windows but doesnt seem to allow to set the class for existing window shutters so I guess I have to re-create the windows that have shutters so I can control their graphic attributes?? Seems overly clunky.
  9. Inspectorjack

    Shutters different color than window?

    Greetings. I'm guessing this may be something easy I have overlooked. How do I make my shutters render one color and my window render another? Thanks
  10. Inspectorjack

    Laser Measuring As-built (auto import to .vwx)

    I have not worked with the mesh at all yet. At this time I dont think Hover is intended to make a 3D model to that accuracy. It does a greet job of trying on different textures tho. And makes a strong takeoff for estimating exterior finish materials.
  11. Inspectorjack

    Laser Measuring As-built (auto import to .vwx)

    Well yeah for what its meant to do. You scan a house in 8 photos and get a remarkable model with which you can apply different textures. Its a fantastic tool for Tin Men (remodeling sales). I tried to mimic this function using my drone and the VSS photogrammetry with more photos and it failed.
  12. Inspectorjack

    Laser Measuring As-built (auto import to .vwx)

    Leica BLK3D $4750 https://lasers.leica-geosystems.com/blk3d/blk3d
  13. Inspectorjack

    Laser Measuring As-built (auto import to .vwx)

    I have a Structure sensor iPad from Canvas.IO. I cannot as yet recommend it. I don't care for their drawing price structure. Not terribly precise in my experience. <$1k Matterport Camera <$4k Leica BLK360 $18k ! Hover App - remarkable for remodeling takeoff. Will make exterior shell with BIM from photos. - Have not tried to import 3D model yet.
  14. Inspectorjack

    Do architects need Landmark?

    What is the current deal that is so attractive?
  15. Greetings In my first really full (largely) 3D / BIM project I created a fairly well fleshed out model of a modest house I am currently building. From my 2D drawing background and habits my model (and model space design layers) is (are) polluted with all of the dimensions and annotations and notes. I realize I can just set a VP with select class and layer visibility but I have begun to wonder if there is a better process. Is it common to fully dimension and notate a drawing in the VP annotations space? Should I be notating and dimensioning elsewhere other than the design layers where say my walls are laid out?


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