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  1. Looks like outfitting for a Christmas cruise
  2. Zoinks I guess I'm always starting with a previous file that already had the "non-plot" class!
  3. One of the 1st things I do is create a generic catch-all class I call "non-plot" to put things in that I don't want to see in viewports.
  4. Interesting. I got more specific with my selecting and exporting and lo and behold it auto scaled to fit the components. There is a "by-layer" aspect to the export which seems limiting to me.
  5. Can you be somewhat more specific? In some ways it would seem you would have to almost draft or model the components specifically to be sliced rather than as resources for an actual set of building plans. And a model may have many extraneous items such as line segments or polylines just to name a couple. For giggles I made the parts of a modeled building I'm working on visible in multiple layers, selected all and hit export. I surely got a 100MB + .stl but my slicer is yet to resolve it. I'm sure there is a lot of extra drawing data uselessly (or worse) fattening the file. Not including any architectural models, I have been successfully designing and 3D printing for 6 years now starting with my Prusa clone and now with my Raise 3D E2Pro.
  6. GM. Your frustration radiates from your posts and I wanted to reply all day yesterday but I'm not logged in on mobile. While I'm grateful for the VW Uni resources they tend to be so generic they're often not as useful as they might be. Nor are they very organized in my opinion. So I use Youtube a lot. The good stuff can be hard to weed out but there are several very useful presenters. I have yet to do it myself but I suggest one on one training with someone like Jonathan Pickup or J Reeves - although I wish there was a feet-inches-primary user but I don't know of one.
  7. Good lord a reminder of this resource should be on the startup screen everytime. Thank you.
  8. My permit plans and framers plans are generally now created from a viewport on a sheet layer derived from the model. Can set class view options for the viewport that excludes showing the GWB while leaving the class visible in the model.
  9. Carpenters can't measure to drywall since it is not there when framing is occurring. Turn off the class for the drywall. I've also just snapped dimensions to the plates and made the notes clear that drywall is not accounted for in the dimensions.
  10. Thanks for the useful suggestion. I searched the forum and it popped up this old thread. Forgive me for asking.
  11. Bump. I'm looking for a screen material texture for screened porch design. Can this file be resurrected? Thanks Grazie Merci
  12. Thanks very much for the approach ideas.
  13. More specific question. Is there a way to experiment with alternate textures such as changing the original brick to painted brick without changing the wall style components? Such as by setting a class for the brick exterior component of the wall style and simply change the class texture and have the modeled wall style update to reflect that?
  14. Thanks more interested in fixing my drawing. 🙂
  15. Forgive me, where is it indicated that I am using 2012? I'm running the latest build of 2021. I'm a long-standing slow adopting service select subscriber.
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