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  1. Inspectorjack

    Laser Measuring As-built (auto import to .vwx)

    I have a Structure sensor iPad from Canvas.IO. I cannot as yet recommend it. I don't care for their drawing price structure. Not terribly precise in my experience. <$1k Matterport Camera <$4k Leica BLK360 $18k ! Hover App - remarkable for remodeling takeoff. Will make exterior shell with BIM from photos. - Have not tried to import 3D model yet.
  2. Inspectorjack

    Do architects need Landmark?

    What is the current deal that is so attractive?
  3. Greetings In my first really full (largely) 3D / BIM project I created a fairly well fleshed out model of a modest house I am currently building. From my 2D drawing background and habits my model (and model space design layers) is (are) polluted with all of the dimensions and annotations and notes. I realize I can just set a VP with select class and layer visibility but I have begun to wonder if there is a better process. Is it common to fully dimension and notate a drawing in the VP annotations space? Should I be notating and dimensioning elsewhere other than the design layers where say my walls are laid out?
  4. Inspectorjack

    Wall insertion point control?

    Thanks for the replies. I set my sheathing as the core component and was able to gain the "control" I needed.
  5. Inspectorjack

    Wall insertion point control?

    I need to be able to draw to the framing not the siding. I thought my solution was working but does not
  6. Inspectorjack

    Wall insertion point control?

    Thanks for the reply. Stories irrelevant to the question. I didn't phrase my question well. My walls using a style with siding were being drawn from the siding so I set the control to the thickness of the siding and used the Wall Control Line Mode, the next one after the 4 you indicated.
  7. Inspectorjack

    Wall insertion point control?

    Greetings. I may or may not be having a Stories epiphany. Anyway I want my wall styles to insert (be drawn) on the outside of the framing of which the panel sheathing is the outside. IE: 2x6 wall with OSB sheathing where the drawing point is the outside of the OSB. How do I do this without a work-around? Thanks in advance.
  8. Inspectorjack

    Model Set Up (Revisited for 2019)

    In fact, I attended the AZ Design Summit and took the Model Set up class. it quickly went off the rails due to varying degrees of grasp of the subject of those in attendance. I was suggesting that your previous post of getting familiar with making the resources from scratch would be a better agenda for the class materials or at least a directed series of video tutorials on this subject. one for metric and one for imperial. See you in San Diego. ūüėé
  9. Inspectorjack

    Model Set Up (Revisited for 2019)

    Sounds like the basis for a good set of tutorial videos. And a Design Summit class. Imperial and Metric even. Im starting framing a house today and I hope to make time to forensically re-build the model via stories to get a better grip after manually editing my sections for window changes and joist depth updates.
  10. Inspectorjack

    new macbook pro Hardware advice

    Howdy, I am running VW19 SP3 on a 2018 MBP 13 (2.7Gh, 16 GB ram, 1T SSD, 10.13.6, Intel IRIS 655). I am a light user in terms of rendering and prefer the smaller laptop. I'd say it works fairy well. I am however curious of how much performance difference the new Radeon Pro Vega 20 15" MBP will offer.
  11. Inspectorjack

    Corrupted file?

    Good morning. It appears this was a Class Options setting, however I'm not sure when or what I did to alter the settings. I right clicked and chose activate class, then I set Class options to Show/Snap/Modify Others <---- I believe that was the trick. Grazie Merci Thanks!
  12. Inspectorjack

    Corrupted file?

    Thanks very much for the replies. Ill check these.
  13. Inspectorjack

    Corrupted file?

    It seems I have one backup. Its open and exhibits same behavior
  14. Inspectorjack

    Corrupted file?

    I have restarted. Updated service pack. VW has been restarted multiple times. Where are all of those backups? Thanks for the reply
  15. Inspectorjack

    Corrupted file?

    Howdy, Working on a home design and file seems to have gotten corrupted. My wall tools do not work in many aspects. I cannot select walls that are drawn. I can draw a wall but then I cannot edit. Have I accidentally changed some setting or is this file damaged? I have quite a bit of work in this file! Thanks Jack


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