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  1. Inspectorjack

    new macbook pro Hardware advice

    Howdy, I am running VW19 SP3 on a 2018 MBP 13 (2.7Gh, 16 GB ram, 1T SSD, 10.13.6, Intel IRIS 655). I am a light user in terms of rendering and prefer the smaller laptop. I'd say it works fairy well. I am however curious of how much performance difference the new Radeon Pro Vega 20 15" MBP will offer.
  2. Inspectorjack

    Corrupted file?

    Good morning. It appears this was a Class Options setting, however I'm not sure when or what I did to alter the settings. I right clicked and chose activate class, then I set Class options to Show/Snap/Modify Others <---- I believe that was the trick. Grazie Merci Thanks!
  3. Inspectorjack

    Corrupted file?

    Thanks very much for the replies. Ill check these.
  4. Inspectorjack

    Corrupted file?

    It seems I have one backup. Its open and exhibits same behavior
  5. Inspectorjack

    Corrupted file?

    I have restarted. Updated service pack. VW has been restarted multiple times. Where are all of those backups? Thanks for the reply
  6. Inspectorjack

    Corrupted file?

    Howdy, Working on a home design and file seems to have gotten corrupted. My wall tools do not work in many aspects. I cannot select walls that are drawn. I can draw a wall but then I cannot edit. Have I accidentally changed some setting or is this file damaged? I have quite a bit of work in this file! Thanks Jack
  7. Inspectorjack

    Model Set Up (Revisited for 2019)

    Thanks for this Wes. I am a very casual user of VW but my productivity has ground to a halt trying to make the move to drawing a house with 3D. As a home builder I am amazed that it is so hard to find any info utilizing the stories with pre-cut stud dimensions (8' 1-1/8" or 9' 1-1/8" plates) in mind since the vast majority of homes are built that way in my neck of the woods. Pointed question - I'm doing some conceptual plans and modeling of a SIPS house to be considered on a difficult terrain site. In the model worksheet, would there be any value in model set up to use the elevation set by the site civil engineer i.e.: First Floor Elevation is 272.0'. Set model elevation to 272'-0" to make my model VOILA set at the right spot if I make digital terrain model of the site? Thanks
  8. Inspectorjack

    Importing STL files into Vectorworks

    Just got a 3D printer Monoprice 3D Select I haven't done anything terribly complicated yet but I'm quite pleased with being able to import STL, edit in VW17 and export .STL and print. Blown away really. Hard to believe there isn't more traffic in the 3D printing section of this forum.
  9. Inspectorjack

    AutoCad model space import?

    Exactly. All drawn next to each other! Uggh. I need to estimate it and then make shop drawings for the foundation but no dimensions so I need to scale it correctly. Thanks
  10. Inspectorjack

    AutoCad model space import?

    Can anyone help me understand the optimum settings to import a project which has been drawn complete in "Model Space"? Should I post the file? Thanks Jack
  11. Inspectorjack

    2012 Can't even start using

    Thank you. I found the yellow disconcerting and your post helped me change it. Preferences:Interactive Pane:Interactive Appearance Settings...
  12. Inspectorjack

    Purchasing Advice

    Thank you. So far so good on my trial. Imported DWG no problem other than not choosing correct scale. It is a pretty slow to load but runs fine so far. Opens my 11.5 files fine - that was a concern about which I did not ask. There are some wall joining differences that I don't understand yet but I have gotten around that for the sake of productivity.
  13. Inspectorjack

    Purchasing Advice

    Accusations of in-articulation accepted.
  14. Inspectorjack

    Purchasing Advice

    Wow! Maybe anyone here wouldn't know how to buy something which hasn't been for sale for 2 years Thanks, that is purchasing advice. Maybe a smart ass like you would realize the reference to 2009 was tongue in cheek after reading posts lamenting changes in 2011 relative to 2010 and 2009. Of course my topic is about purchasing advice on 2011 in spite of the fact that I have read that some here prefer not run that version (which is why one might consider trying to find 2009 to buy). How does it runs on a MacBook Pro? (IT = VW2011) How does it perform on dwg/dxf file exchange? (IT = VW2011) These are now rhetorical questions as I am running the trial version. Cheers!


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