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Saving stipple

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I was adding some stipple to a simple gravel pathway when I thought it might be a good idea to save this. I saved the stipple, it took perhaps 30 seconds to save which surprised me. I then discovered my file went from 117 mb to 1.13 GB.

I deleted the saved stipple in my resource browser and it returned to 117 mb. Amazing to see VW still running with a file that size. Anyone saved stipples before and had this type of experience?

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No. But obviously the larger your drawn layout is the less repitition there'll be in the tile + the more 'random' it will appear. Enough for most people's purposes I would have thought.


Even the various 'random' hatches out there (stone patterns for example) are based on repetition.


I imagine you could generate something truly random using Marionette however...

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