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  1. Great job on sharing solutions To quote Jeff Prince Herę: "You have to think Vectorworks" when creating solutions that work for you using the tools functionality
  2. would you consider the wall tool for an edge or border, such as metal or wood headers ? you can get lengths to the edging in a worksheet - putting the border on a separate class allows you to control the graphic appearance and easily manage its visibility - this sounds like a lot of extra work, but provides control and management -
  3. @Matt Panzer Your creativity and knowledge of VW is needed to assist with a workflow using the fence tool - 1. reduce the current multiple fence symbols to allow for post and stringer/panel offsets 2. smooth the layout in 3D 3. having a gate feature
  4. Thank you all for the great feedback: A quick update - I received a CSV file and was able to separate various elements (like road, deck, building) so making a simple file of just topo was easy - The CSV info imported easily and created a site model - now adding additional info such as roads, buildings etc is next -
  5. thank you, I had a feeling it was something like that -
  6. I do not have a clue to the next steps to convert this file to a site model - any assistance is appreciated - versions 2021 and 2020 enclosed - Is there a conversion for the lines or polygon info into stake or locus ? sam test 2021-06-01 v2020.vwx sam test 2021-06-01.vwx
  7. Weird Al Yankovic (who went to Cal Poly SLO for architecture) has nothing on Jeff P
  8. and a backup by Benson who always comes through is a bonus
  9. can we nominate this thread for the VW hall of fame ?? Mixing real world sound (DEVO) and graphics (VW) deserves a prize
  10. Can you move to top/plan view (possibly the view does not matter) and then move the insertion point to a corner of the landscape area or a location of your choosing ? I assume it has to do with textures or hatches
  11. you may have wireframe rendering in plan view - open gl should show fills
  12. I tried to have record formats in a symbol provide a total in a data tag without luck - Vectorworks hopefully is aware of this need -
  13. Thank you Pat, I assume I can add a record format to count ? but hoped there was already a quantity/count function in the existing data tag options
  14. Can data tags be used to count symbols instances (such as light fixtures) on a design layer I tried customizing an existing data tag and cannot find a 'quantity' or 'count' function
  15. Great resource links to get you started and inspired : Danilo Maffei: https://university.vectorworks.net/mod/scorm/player.php?a=61&currentorg=articulate_rise&scoid=122 Jonathan Reeves:
  16. Thank you All We are in the process of revising our plant list spreadsheet, using more of the plant categories for info. We will investigate how the custom scheduled size is calculated in the spreadsheet -
  17. When creating a design with the same plant with different container sizes (5 gallon and 15 gallon) in the scheduled size input on the plant style - Is there a way to keep one plant in the plant catalog ? Or does more than one plant scheduled size require more than one plant style ? It would be a best practice to have a way to maintain one plant style with differing plant container sizes (scheduled size) I want to add this forum has evolved into an incredible resource and I thank everyone who participates - Bob Cleaver landscape architect
  18. Jeff, thank you for getting this fence concept to work This process feels awkward but the benefit is having the fence tool allow for quick design adjustments and develop studies and details - In plan, do we set the initial fence outline (post alignment) and then offset the next elements (rails/caps and then pickets/stringers) ? The fence layout is one polyline sent to surface of a terrain model - once the first ploy line is at the surface, then uses the offset tool for the other fence components. Vectorworks Design Team - would you consider having the fence tool work similar to the handrail tool on the stair tool ?? and allow dialog to offset the components ? Jeff's file provides the template of the desired effect - Having these fence styles in a library to recall quickly (on multiple projects) is essential Did you look at the marionette scripts ?? Marionette may be the best one trick solution for fences and gates ?? Developing a library of gates (via the door tool) allows use of the VW tool without too much trailblazing, but having an effective gate tool as part of the fence tool would be terrific -
  19. to create the fence in the post's original photo, there would be 3 fence styles: 1 for the pickets 1 for the posts 1 for the rails Jeff - could the 3 styles be saved as a symbol ? AlanW has a marionette script for fences that may help us - I am not versed in marionette, but was able to, adjust the fence design
  20. to create the fence in the post's original photo, there would be 3 fence styles: 1 for the pickets 1 for the posts 1 for the rails Jeff - could the 3 styles be saved as a symbol ?
  21. Is there merit to having fences like the green one in Jeff's images be two fence styles placed along side each other - the adjusting of either the post, rails, and fence fill can be easily adjusted using the fence dialog (once you get accustomed to it) style 1 - post, caps, and rails style 2 - fence fill (pickets, stringers, and caps over the stringers/pickets) I wanted to use custom profiles for offset fence elements, but adjusting them after creation is not as easy as I would like
  22. Save the drawing label for the viewport annotations - drawing labels are great just as they are and allow quick adjusting in the object info palette one detail = one viewport = one drawing label OR One viewport with multiple details within = one drawing label
  23. When publishing multi sheets into a single PDF, many times the sheets do not maintain the class selections. This is especially true with irrigation classes - We will have classes for viewports and worksheets selected and saved, and when publishing the drawing set, the classes randomly turn off. The workaround is to check each sheet and publish them individually and then combine them into a single PDF. We could be missing a step in the save and publish actions - We assume we are not alone ??
  24. Thank you Jeff - yes the plant catalog and database are in the same library/application support folder hierarchy and they lose their connectivity if moved ??
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