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  1. Jeremy thank you for the breakdown and analysis, your review is terrific and supports me without tearing me down and I truly appreciate it I hope others can benefit from the info I am away from the office this week and will follow the recommendations this weekend -
  2. duplicating an existing tree automatically changes the tree number ? could you relabel the tree with the original number and add a letter or other label to indicate the relocation ? I do not have tree relocations as they are rarely successful and the cost of properly transplanting is prohibiting (prep, transplant, maintenance)
  3. The eye dropper frequently freezes VW for me and a restart is needed - this has been the case for several years and I am now on a Mac Studio with 124GB RAM - go figure 😢
  4. Thank you very much for this, this is a terrific example of thinking like vectorworks - Perhaps VW can offer additional insight: Eric Gilbey @Tamsin Slatter @Katarina Ollikainen @JuanP - it would be great to have your comments The OZCAD fence tool would be the best solution but this adaptation is inspiring -
  5. Using the plant tool is a great work-around for posts (and rails?) Juan @ VW - any updates to share with adding the OZCAD fence tool ?
  6. If the pattern is treated as a ‘plant’, you can vary the size and rotation - the trick is to make the pattern as simple as possible - We have made boulders a ‘plant’ and are able to quickly add them with some variation-
  7. Vectorworks App Shortcuts in Mac OS Monterey: Publish... Format Text... You have to type the exact text (...) in the menu bar to make the shortcut, but I assume you know that -
  8. the fn keys along the top can also be programmed using system preferences (soon to be system settings)
  9. @Mark Aceto Streamdeck makes a 3 button foot pedal https://www.elgato.com/en/stream-deck-pedal
  10. I am using a Studio Mac with the Luna Display dongle on iMac 27" from 2011 as a second monitor - so far so good - resolution on the iMac is good enough to hold tools and such
  11. Benson is correct - it is challenging to have LAs be an asset on a site model and use LAs on other layers - Jeff, thank you for the file it is a great resource -
  12. Thank you Benson for the clarifications - you always provide incredibly clear examples It seems LA works well if the site model has the correct finish grades - TBD
  13. Thank you all for sharing So site modifiers are used for finished grading ?? use proposed contours and stake objects to modify the site model and then use landscape areas to 'fit' onto the site model ?? This approach sounds easier than manipulating hardscape slopes ??
  14. Thank you All for this topic: The 'parent' file holds the 'master' development information - all design layers, all worksheets - 3D modeling - The 'child' files then reference select layers/classes AND allow for sheet numbers that repeat between the child files ? (L-000, L-100, L-101) Are there other benefits of the parent and child system ?
  15. I will assume using classes will allow graphic control of plant image - 2D will be easy - 3D ?
  16. Using the fence tool, you can create a 'gate' that functions with similar limited design tools the fence tool has (everything is centered, post, rails, frame) you can place it on the drawing and depending on the tool selections, it will automatically adjust the frame to fit the width - not ideal, but in schematic design it allows for 'custom' posts, rails and frame compared to the adjacent fence - a single post and frame can be mirrored for a double gate - It has been said before, you have think like vectorworks to make tools work for you -
  17. If a previous line or shape had arrows selected in the attributes palette, the arrows stay on with the hardscape - even changing the Hardscapes everywhere - try deselecting the hardscape and with nothing selected, see if the attributes palette shows arrows, if so deselect the arrows -
  18. I would assume you would have to create symbols for each ell or t, place them on the drawing - if the symbol is placed in a class by size (3/4", 1") then a worksheet can count the symbols by size - tedious stuff - the symbols need to be distinctive (colors and unique graphics) or they will be lost - not sure if you can ever get 100% accuracy on a 2D drawing placing all the ells and ts on a system -
  19. The stake should be in the class: DTM/site modifiers Make sure to update the site model after adding stakes
  20. for consistency, we use the wall tool and keep the edging separate from other design items - we use a record format for labelling the edging (whether it is for gravel or lawn or asphalt or pavers) and make the edging a distinctive color for 2D drawing clarity - a worksheet can organize the wall data (by length) and by color for review -
  21. I am using an M1 Mac mini (16G RAM, VW 2021) - The machine freezes: Before publishing, I have to open worksheets* and recalculate them individually - Selecting worksheets and right clicking to recalculate on a sheet layer -
  22. Preview app gets a good review here with many issues covered : https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/mac-power-users/id458066753?i=1000553099829
  23. In the fence tool in the OIP, select attributes with fills and edge preferences - the attributes are controlled within the fence tool, and the view options (wireframe, open GL etc)
  24. Hi All I may have missed the use of an iPhone to scan real sites - is there a video of this operation so I can fully appreciate just how revolutionary I believe this is - I assume you are using a third party app ?
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