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    Thanks for making computer work fun again!

    @jeff prince the property sizes I work with would be 1/2 acre up to 30...at least at this point. I think a big difference is your collecting your own drone data. I'm receiving the data from an operator. I'm going to send along a message later today and ask him some specifics. Your project is looking great, have fun.
  2. J. Wallace

    Thanks for making computer work fun again!

    That is fantastic. Your mesh looks very good, do you find it cumbersome to navigate with? The mesh files I receive are usually huge 500gb+ so I find I set up a file for the mesh only to make it easier to reference. Exciting to read about your experience and thanks for sharing.
  3. J. Wallace

    Thanks for making computer work fun again!

    Nice looking work...your mesh looks great overlaid onto the site model. Well done.
  4. J. Wallace

    Until Next Time

    I'm sad to hear you are leaving, but very happy to hear that family is a priority and this is were your energies will be going. Take care Jim and thank you for all your work.
  5. J. Wallace

    basic advice on saving and sharing

    I'm no expert; if I were in this situation I would consider exporting the worksheet and create an excel sheet which you can easily modify. You can then import it once you're done, saying that I've not imported a sheet before so I'm not certain of the implications of this.
  6. J. Wallace

    VW2019 site model issue

    Hi I'm putting together a site model using shape files from a drone survey. Done this a few times in VW2018, the first time in VW2019. Files import just fine and it looks good in 2d, when I go into a 3d model I'm getting some areas that are blacked out. I repeated the same procedure with a blank fresh file (first was a template file) and I get similar results but the colouring is white instead of black. If I repeat this in VW2018 is works flawlessly, and if I save this file and re-open in VW2019 is looks fine as well... Not sure if anyone has run into this or not?
  7. J. Wallace

    Drainage networks

    Totally agree with you @ScottLebsack
  8. J. Wallace

    Edit data tag

    I've been playing around a bit with the new data tag tool, great addition. Just wondering if there is a way we can easily edit what is displayed in the tag (other than the pre-configured options). I usually have additional information showing in plant tags such as the ID and I was hoping to be able to customize the data tag to show similar info. Love the new tool as it makes it easy to label various plants without worrying about class visibilities, and I hope customization becomes easier. As a side note, I noticed that you can 't make any font or font size changes unless you enter the edit mode.
  9. J. Wallace

    Edit data tag

    I got this sorted out...http://app-help.vectorworks.net/2019/eng/index.htm#t=VW2019_Guide%2FAnnotation%2FEditing_Data_Tags.htm&rhsearch=data tag&rhhlterm=data tag&rhsyns=
  10. Just wondering what might have caused a current file that I'm working on to generate over 2000 folders within the resource browser? It appears that all the folders are empty, I'm not certain when this occurred. It was a VW2018 file in it's earlier life. It has tons of existing tree symbols on it which might be related? Thanks for any words of wisdom.
  11. J. Wallace

    Using 2 CAD systems

    @digitalcarbon it's always fascinating to see what you up to. Thanks for sharing.
  12. J. Wallace

    3D Loci density

    Thanks for that @Benson Shaw I didn't realize that this feature was part of VW 2019.
  13. J. Wallace

    Smart object

    @Patricia Angelu you might want to check out the resources available on VW Youtube channel. https://www.youtube.com/user/vectorworks/featured
  14. J. Wallace

    Plant tag alignment and rotated plans

    @rowbear97 thanks for that...I didn't realize that this was a new feature of 2019. Looks very useful for Landmark applications, I may never use the traditional tags again.
  15. J. Wallace

    Volume Issue with Hardscape/Site model

    Brian do you any grade limits in place? These are an important part of adding a pad, in my experience. I haven't had a great experience using pads with retaining edges but a grade limit should help your situation. I often create a pad, then copy and paste this in place, change this to a grade limits within the OIP, then offset it by whaterever distance you wish. In this image, I offset it by 1'. The model will then place your pad and use the grade limits for just that. There are lots of good videos out there on VW Youtube channel which you might want to check out. A good practice can also be to put all your site modifiers into the same layer your site model exists. Hope that helps...
  16. J. Wallace

    So is the 2018 Mac Mini a viable VW machine?

    Ha, quite right...2019 was what was in my mind.
  17. J. Wallace

    Imac Pro Vs upgraded/loaded 27" Imac

    We recently upgraded to a 10 core iMac Pro. I would say my workflow has increased by 10%. Super happy with this unit, except to the cost, saying that we are looking at it through the long-term lense...hoping to get 5 good years. We have another workstation which needs to be replaced and we're giving the Mac mini a serious look.
  18. J. Wallace

    So is the 2018 Mac Mini a viable VW machine?

    Super interesting @Rob Glisson we're in the market to replace an old Mac 'Cheese grater' some time in 2019. This looks like a great approach.
  19. J. Wallace

    Hiring a firm for LIDAR?

    I live on Vancouver Island, BC Canada. A number of areas have free LIDAR information available but I found I needed someone to take this raw data and create contours. It's not expensive but this data is usually taken every 2-3 years so if there have been any site changes it won't be reflected in the data.
  20. J. Wallace

    Hiring a firm for LIDAR?

    Hi @JohnAthayde great to see another permaculture designer in this group. I've used both LIDAR data and elevation data from a drone survey. I've got an associate locally who can take LIDAR data and create one-foot contours which is super helpful. I've only used this once as I prefer drone data where I can get contours and high definition images. The downside is tree cover, this is LIDAR's advantabe. Are you planning on making a site model from this?
  21. I'm starting a new project and have received some drone data which I've used for creating a site model as well as high definition images. My question for people is whether (and how) one would make use of some mesh data. I've attached a screen shot and some information, the file is huge and an interesting reference but I'm not sure if it has any value besides that. You can see that once imported, the saved file size leaps up to 994 mb in size (this is the mesh only, no other data in the file, site model in a separate file). Love to hear peoples comments. Thanks
  22. J. Wallace

    Does anyone make use of mesh from drone data?

    Thanks very much @Peter Neufeld I'll check that out
  23. J. Wallace

    2D Plant edit VW 2019

    I've noticed that in VW 2019 Landmark when you go to edit a 2d plant symbol you get the plant symbol plus other aspects of the design rather than just the plant itself. It doesn't seem to matter what my settings are when I'm editing an object. Same results regardless of this setting. I've noticed this on several files but I'm just getting around to reporting it.
  24. J. Wallace

    Does anyone make use of mesh from drone data?

    Thanks very much @RussU. That is super helpful information. What your describing here looks like your taking cloud point data to make a site model, by snapping stake objects to portions of this. In my case I get a set of shapefiles that contain 1' contours. I really like your approach and if I had a drone along with additional software, it's something that I could do myself. Love the video you put together and thank you again for sharing this.
  25. J. Wallace

    Does anyone make use of mesh from drone data?

    Hi @Benson Shaw. The contours are from a site model which we created with shapefile contour data (from the drone, the shape file comes with other support files). Super easy to create, I think it took but a few moments. The high def image is from the drone, other than for observation purposes I haven't figured out how to use the mesh. It's a monster file that is best not mixed with the project data. I'm curious to hear how other folks use this type of information.


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