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  1. collins

    Hatch Scaling

    Yes, definitely. I have tried re-referencing everything but it's still enlarging itself on the different scale. I have just created a duplicate but will need to find out what is not working later.
  2. collins

    Hatch Scaling

    This might be a basic one but a question about hatches; I am using a hatch on a plot file at 1:500 and then the same hatch on a plot file at 1:50 which I would like to scale according to world units. It has been assigned to separate classes in their appropriate class plot files that I reference in to determine the output of all linework. However the hatch is not adjusting itself according to 'world units' depending on the output plot file/ sheet scale. The hatch is perfect for use on 1:500 but on my 1:50 the hatch scale is much too large. What am I doing wrong here?
  3. Thanks Pat, yes, I had the Viewport on the wrong layer ... sometimes it feels like the movie inception
  4. Hi, "vectorworks one or more viewports have been removed from the referenced layer name xxx; viewports are not supported on referenced layers when the referencing method is layer import" I get this method whenever I update my referenced files and am sure it says the solution in the message but I can't find out what is the issue. What is the problem? Thanks
  5. Yeah, I find it a laborious process creating the hatches in a separate file, then assigning them to the new class in another file. Because invariably you want to test and edit the hatch according to the destination file. Yes, I saw another thread that requested the creation of a new class from the object selected with the right click menu. This would be ideal.
  6. OK, which bit of this is not correct?
  7. Hi @ford519 did it work in the end or did it ruin your file?
  8. Thanks gman, couldn't ind it in the end but I'm just having to not opening as many files..
  9. This is the blank screen I get when starting up a file. Is it because I have a few open? (I need to have them all open at the same time to work on them but can close them if it will sort it)
  10. @markdd does anybody know if there was anything for this in the end? Would love to find it.
  11. I've been trying to avoid grouping as a rule but it's perfect as a workaround. Thanks, N
  12. Hi @PVA - Jim, I have the same issue for mac, how do I solve it? Thanks
  13. Hi @Mark666 This would be my first step into scripting but could I trouble you for the script? These functions are so useful in other programs..


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