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  1. That tile repeats just as you have drawn in. Is there a way to include randomness to the layout so there is randomness to the overall tile.
  2. Is there a way to create randomness in a tile? The beauty of stipple is that the tile can appear scattered (if that is what you are looking for). I'd like to incorporate the randomness within scattered leaves and grass textures.
  3. Hi Wes, Where can you set the file to update automatically when opening? That used to happen in VW 2019 but I haven't experienced this since using the VW 2021 Thanks
  4. By just using the keyboard, when using the move by points tool (duplicate) is there a way to access and enter a different number of duplicates in the toolbar box without selecting the current number with the mouse? Much like we use tab to enter the geometry of objects I would like to hit tab after choosing the duplicate tool. Thanks
  5. collins

    Scale Bar

    Hi Boh, I have ended up doing the same and place each scale bar on each sheet at 1 to 1. It took a little while to figure out how to do it but works fine for now. Thanks
  6. collins

    Scale Bar

    Hi Boh, can I ask how you ended up using scale bars in general after this discussion?
  7. I can't find where this thread is to be upvoted, I guess because it's an old version? But is there a simple scale tool that doesn't require heading to the drop down menu and typing in etc etc. Also, it would be great that the scaling occurred from the point at which the measurements took place. As in you are scaling the object from a point rather than the object scaling to the new desired size but jumping into a random nearby position.
  8. Hi Pat, can I ask where this thread you mention above moved to in the new site? Thanks https://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=210046Post210046
  9. I have managed to create a tile of a pattern shown above which is a step closer. The way I have tried to draw in general is by using class definitions and ensure 'make al attributes by class' checked to keep the lineweights consistent and controlled throughout all drawings. This means a lot of classes. and especially if I am having different tones of black to denote items that are further away in lighter grey. Is there a way of applying a tile to an object but making it take on the destination class properties?
  10. I'm not sure where to aim this topic but am hoping to figure out how best to get the result of the attached drawing made by a friend. After all line work in my drawings I would like to add 'texture' too the drawing to show different earth build up, vegetation, wear on the solid surfaces etc. Sand, concrete and plaster hatches get me so far in creating texture but the drawing below has a range of different 'groups of polygons' that can be abstracted one by one when digging through the dwg drawing but is very heavy and very very slow. This drawing was created on autocad and somehow the program can handle this large amount of linework. A large batch of the desired linework is pasted over the drawing and then a 'wipeout' tool is used to mask off any undesired areas. Also attached are some examples of the linework when extracted from the overall drawing illlustrating the kind of linework as I have ben trying to figure out if this sort of stuff can somehow be translated into a hatch of tile etc. If so where can I find these more rugged natural hatches etc.? Cheers a delicate balance.pdf
  11. Cheers guys, I'm not a massive fan of the sketch mode but I can see how it can be useful. Making a new line type couldn't be easier- thanks
  12. This goes against the purpose of vectorworks defining the line to its most accurate but I wondered it a line type can be created that is crinkly? I've attached an image of different lines I have drawn with the polygon tool but wonder if there is already a tool for this madness?
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