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Sorting list in OIP


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When DomC & Pat explained how Control Geometry worked it made me think about the resultant OIP and the sorting.

It seems that if you want your named nodes to show up in the top of your list try sending the node to the back in the script. This appears to move them up the list. Not always sometimes they seem to swap each other but seems to get a semblance of order to your liking.

Any others find a better way to order the list.

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In the

- 6 they cover the following:

If you put a numeral at the start of the name for the field or variable in the OIP, it will order be ordered according to that number. The number itself will - by design - be omitted.

i.e. Naming (for example) a Real Integer node "1Width" will put it at the top of the OIP. It will appear as "Width"

Is that what you were asking how to do?

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  • Marionette Maven

I haven't really gotten a final say on what state it is in, but as for the numbering not working past 9, try going through the alphabet instead of 10. so ... 7, 8, 9, A, B, C, ...

Can't promise that will be the solution, but it may be the logic they've used on the back end secret to me.


I still don't bother using it, and although I hate suggesting you don't as well, if you run into things like this the only thing we can do is wait to see if it gets accepted as a bug or not.

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Thanks Marissa. I'm not using it either.


Its a bit of a weird situation since as far as I am aware there still isn't real documentation for Marionette. The Introductory videos and the Marionette Monday videos are essentially filling that gap and this "feature" is included in them.


(I couldn't actually confirm what the VW help says about Marionette since help doesn't work on a Mac with Safari 10 at the moment.)




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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee
16 minutes ago, Kevin McAllister said:


(I couldn't actually confirm what the VW help says about Marionette since help doesn't work on a Mac with Safari 10 at the moment.


Make sure to use Chrome or Firefox for the time being, it is unlikely Apple will be fixing that issue in a timely manner.

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hello all

we had this topic a long time ago

This is the way counts works  "if you have a number in the name it can bug. If you pass 9 the next digit is A than B (=11) etc up to F. We are on an hexadecimal base."

I never tried after F guess it should be 1A, that would put 16 infos in the box not counting textures options that are ordered immediately after the texture name

hope it helps

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Prefixing the imput nodes to sort oip does not work as it belongs for me.

If you create a simple box with a width of 600. Then you insert the box into the drawing and change the width to 400.

You copy paste a new insance of the box and you get a box of 600 wide again. While you want a box of 400. (600 is used when the network is wrapped)

To sort the oip I use following method.

First I place all my input fields in an ordered list, then i use immediately a list explode node.

To wrap the network you have to right click on the list explode node and NOT on just a node you preffer.


@Stephan Moenninghoff

Can you post an example how to use te seperator? I see in the pic above you figured it out...




oip sorping.jpg

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hi @Nico VindevogelI'll post a new project when I have it ready, still working on it. In the mean time, do this: Just hook the separator up anywhere in the network, I don't think its position matters. I have wired it to a node near the end though so it does not get lost in the network. Combined with the right sorting (see above) you should pretty much get the result I had. HTH.

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0_1, 0_2 ... seems not to work not the same in 2018. The Number after the unterscore is now part of the name. I made some test and best input-sorting-workflow for me seems to work with a three-digit number.


Also seems to be an efficient workflow to use a worksheet for node (re)-naming.




59d6006723d4a_SortingInputInfoPalette.png.8ab0c6be6ac2ad262ff04301ebbdebe8.png 59d6114b6f9c5_UsingWorksheet.png.2382e1f1c9847a2d1185fd8cc81e264f.png


Edited by DomC
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@Stephan Moenninghoff 


Äh, yeah. In previous Versions numbers over 9 did not work. So we avoid by numbering with 1_1 1_2 3_3 or 7, 8, 9, A, B, C etc. Now for me it seems we can just take a Number to sort. It will be not so clever to sort like 1,2,3,4 ... 12,13,14,15.


So I just sorted with 100 200 300 400 500 600 The Main-Positions or the seperators. And Sup-Positions with 110 120 130 140. And there is always enought space to push some new inputs between the existing inputs.


Looks perfectly for my now.


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