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  1. Hello On my computer, when I use the radio button, strange things append. When I enter the script to change Option 1 into another name, even changing one letter of the script, the popup changes into a one mode with all the texts on the same line. You can try by editing the script, deselect and reselect the node. This button works perfectly in 2021, the scripts are alike… Any idea?
  2. Hello Thank you for the answer. How evident and simple it is when you look at the solution.... and you know how to script nodes. My next step is to find a way to give name to objects directly from an excel file, or with a marionette script..
  3. Hello My goal is to count symbols or objects in a specific space and automatically show them in a label. I started remembering the webinar where you put points in a poly. First easy step, I want to make a network where a symbol is or not in a poly (easier I think than try with space) So, I draw an object and name it AA. I convert into a Symbol named AA-1 I draw a poly and name it. Built a network beginning by giving a name (bottom of the OIP) to a symbol and get the symbol location, get x,y convert into a point and use the intopoly node with the poly name. This works if I give a name to the symbol like BB-1 and I have the true or false value. This is of no help because if I have to rename each object it’s useless. So I tried to use the symbol name AA-1, but this returns nothing. If I use the object name it’s the same. I know there must be a way because you can count symbols in the sheets, but not in a specific space and show it in a label. Any idea? In the attached file the original webinar, the network that works with the object and a strange network (with the move node) that changes the place of the rectangle without changing its selection place. In this case I am using the name of the object in the symbol! into poly v2021.vwx
  4. THANK YOU it works and I improved my knoledge about variables. 😞 I didn't see the missing ( The next step is to transform this script in a Marionette node. "convert 2d points to 3d" Crazy the amount of received plans where you have to convert 2d points to place them at the right high.
  5. Thank you for the script No pb to insert in in a plug in but… I am getting strange result. First it erases all the other objects in the file (only one layer). I assume the h is valid for the other objects and not only the locus. Second it introduces in the center (0,0) new 3d points as many as the number of deleted objects and last, all the locus are not converted. Trying on my side based on your script...
  6. Thanks for the method So this morning I tried (with my little knowledge) by using the marionette nodes and their scripts. On my test file I put 4 points and used object by criteria node, set selection, get location. I made lists to see the result and use "is locus" to find out that 17 is 2d and 9 is 3d objType = vs.GetTypeN(h) b = ((objType == 17) or (objType == 9)). In the marionette script if I use the delete node, I can remove all my 2d point (locus) but how do I insert the 3d points ?
  7. Hello Everything is in the title I am trying to make a script converting selected 2D points in 3D points. I tried to find a vs script that could do it but... :-(( As I know very little in scripting help is needed Thanks in advance
  8. Now we have another subject! I edited both nodes from the script and beside the “locker” they are alike. You have another group node with more lines. If you start from the original file and run the network the 19 is working and not the 20. By deleting the first 2 lines in the 20 the network works on my version of 2020 SP3/ build 537701 French version. Marionette mystery… A copy of the scripts bellow
  9. Hello I have tried to understand the differences between the scripts. In the node “group” at the end the only one is the beginning: #COMMAND;READONLYREFFILE;[VWLibDef]/Operations\Group.py; #Modified April 2017 If you take this out of the script the node works perfectly fine. Don’t ask me why ??? And you get the same result as in 2019 What is weird is that this text is only a reference about the node and shouldn’t interfere in the node process.
  10. hello I only tried: wraped the script, transform into object and... perfect result! can't reproduce the magic disappearance
  11. Version 1.1.0


    This arch is fully changeable from gothic to tunnel. You can decide the amount of blocks the high and the width. By playing in the OIP strange structures can easily be made.
  12. the frog

    Updating Node

    when the 2018 is released I will try my "old" scripts and see how they convert. Then if I have broken network I'll post again
  13. the frog

    Updating Node

    hello Should I be afraid to switch to 2018 when it's release in France? Some nodes where not changed in the french last sp version. Being, I think, one of the only one using (i try) Marionette in France should I start " flippin' like flag on a pole" or let the good times roll?
  14. Very easy when you know where to search, took me a while!
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