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  1. Now we have another subject! I edited both nodes from the script and beside the “locker” they are alike. You have another group node with more lines. If you start from the original file and run the network the 19 is working and not the 20. By deleting the first 2 lines in the 20 the network works on my version of 2020 SP3/ build 537701 French version. Marionette mystery… A copy of the scripts bellow
  2. Hello I have tried to understand the differences between the scripts. In the node “group” at the end the only one is the beginning: #COMMAND;READONLYREFFILE;[VWLibDef]/Operations\Group.py; #Modified April 2017 If you take this out of the script the node works perfectly fine. Don’t ask me why ??? And you get the same result as in 2019 What is weird is that this text is only a reference about the node and shouldn’t interfere in the node process.
  3. hello I only tried: wraped the script, transform into object and... perfect result! can't reproduce the magic disappearance
  4. Version 1.1.0


    This arch is fully changeable from gothic to tunnel. You can decide the amount of blocks the high and the width. By playing in the OIP strange structures can easily be made.
  5. the frog

    Updating Node

    when the 2018 is released I will try my "old" scripts and see how they convert. Then if I have broken network I'll post again
  6. the frog

    Updating Node

    hello Should I be afraid to switch to 2018 when it's release in France? Some nodes where not changed in the french last sp version. Being, I think, one of the only one using (i try) Marionette in France should I start " flippin' like flag on a pole" or let the good times roll?
  7. Very easy when you know where to search, took me a while!
  8. or you can use the data part of the OIP. A long time ago (April 2016) with Marissa's help I made this script. Now not only the names appear but I can use the figures in the data base. The post was name 'Data base and OIP' rail script.vwx
  9. hello Maybe it’s because of the bug inside the covert to poly node see convert to polygon doesn't work in marionette object
  10. from what I understand DomC node is based on a vs moving a 3D object and Marissa on a vs in 2D am I correct?
  11. @Marissa I would love to have a list and a file with all the debugged nodes from 2016 and on. I must be one of the only French trying to work with marionette, so I am not surprise my SP4 version could be left with old nodes. What I intend to do is to check the scripts (yes one by one and line by line) that have been modified between the French and the American versions and send the package to Cesyam for them to make a patch to our sp4. my goal, like most of the users, is to be able to produce from marionette so the work is easier.
  12. When you wrap the script the 2 rotation nodes are left behind but in fact if you change the rotation parameter in the OIP it works normally. Now once the script is wrapped, if you delete the nodes it still works. Willofmaine have invented the ghost nodes! In my case (French version) that’s what I get. What about you with your version? To answer your question yes when moving the 2 nodes it wraps ok moving only the top one no changes moving the bottom one wraps ok
  13. no use found the file in the other post
  14. I went through your scripts 14 and 15 In 14 I get an error message as soon as I want to change a value in the OIP I converted in centimeters and tried again from the script and it worked. Then I changed the texture to attribute. This helps but will not change the fact that when you wrap the rotation node wouldn’t follow the fist time (see the next post). Then VW crashed. Started again and only changed the values in the script, this is working. I haven’t understood the use of the first rectangle (in pink) but this is just a matter of curiosity. Going to 15 this is totally insane. I have tried many options from center true to taking out the second knob. I get funny situations but I cannot fin a reason why when you apply you option to the first knob then the cabinet door flies to the its high and the knob is at the right place. The same with the rotation the unique knob rotates around the center but with two knobs it works. I thought it could come from the fact that when you center in x the knobs (going to true in the OIP) in fact you have 2 knobs at the same place, but then you don’t need to take out the knob later so there is no reason from my point of view, it would affect the rest of the script. Hope someone can find why…
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