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dumb geometry question

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This should be easy and I think I'm missing something easy:

I have a line the is the length of the diagonal of a rectangle I need. I have the length of one side, 6". I'm trying to use the diagonal to create the length of the other side by drawing a 6" line, connecting one end of the diagonal to the end of the 6" and then rotating up until the end of the tangent is in line with the other end of the 6" line.

The problem is, the rotate tool doesn't snap to the length of the object you are rotating, so I can snap to the right height, but I can slide along that height anywhere I want to. There's nothing to keep it at the right length of the diagonal I am rotating.

I hope that makes sense, I have included an image of what I'm doing, but it's hard to capture.

This has got to be easy, what am I doing wrong?

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It took me a while but I think I understand what you're asking.

See this video, because if I'm correct it is a hard thing to show/describe.

Perhaps a tweek needs to be added to the rotation tool so that the extension-line defined by the second click is also an interactive and snappable point that can have Object/Object interactions.

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Thanks, I tried the different modes, but they all seem to require that you know the length of each side you want first. I know one length, and the diagonal. And I don't know the angle of the diagonal.

I could do it with math, but I'd prefer a way in vectorworks itself!

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Thanks, that is exactly what my issue was, no snap point. I like your solution, and I can make it work, the one slight issue, and this is getting picky, is that I developed the diagonal from several other parameters so it's not a nice round number, it's just a line that I grabbed and it has lots of decimal places! :-) I can type it in, just feel like there should be a geometric way this could be done.

I appreciate your answer and it will work!



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(Pardon me if I'm misinterpreting the question.) Since the rotate tool doesn't snap to the length of the diagonal (something which it should REALLY DO), try drawing a circle with the center point at your rotational center and the radius at the length of the diagonal line. Then the rotate tool uses the geometry of the circle for snap points.

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Jim, there are different scenarios. I think VW needs to auto generate a guide arc along the path generated by the lever arm of the rotation. Here's an example. As far as I know its not possible to properly snap the corner of the rectangle to where the rotation arc hits this circle without drawing the guide arc. Without the guide arc there is no "intersection" point to snap to and this operation isn't possible.



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I had submitted a request for just the control point (I THINK thats what the second click of the rotate tool is called...) to become a snappable point during the rotate operation, but that seems even more useful. Especially if the guide arc created temporary snap points at all intersections of it and geometry AND smartcursor cues. Submitting this as another wish now.

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