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Windows 10

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

I have been using Windows 10 Technical Preview for the last few months with great success on a few test machines.

Official support for Win10 will be announced here and on the kbase when it is officially released by Microsoft (which should be July 29th, last I saw) but I would not expect any nasty surprises, compatibility with everything created after the Windows 7 era seems very solid and I have been able to run Vectorworks 2015 on Win10 without issue.

THAT SAID - Any time a new OS is released, there can be unforeseen snags and delays in patches to correct them from first or third part developers. If you have ONE machine that you rely on for work and have no ability to roll back or move to another machine in the event of catastrophic failure, then my personal recommendation is to remain with your current, working OS and wait for the early adopters to chime in first.

I will work to make any and all information regarding Windows 10 compatibility available as soon as possible.

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Exactly what I hoped to hear from you.

Anyone else have thoughts?

I have lots of thoughts. W8.1 was a disastrous POS. W10 is supposed to be leaps and bounds better. I have read good reviews of it, but I'm really hesitant to jump right in for fear of compatibility with various hardware software ect ...

I have a design jet 1050 plotter and I worry about drivers.

W10 is supposed to be a free upgrade for the first year. I think I will wait awhile to see how things settle. I'm do for a new destktop machine next year so I'll probably start with the new machine on W10, and when I'm satisfied I'll upgrade my laptop.

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Update to the above. I rolled back Windows 10 to Windows 7 which was easy. Took about 30 minutes. However my navigation palette is still blank. I should have heeded the Vectorworks warning to not upgrade in the middle of a project.

Windows 10 looked really good. Just this annoying little problem.

Does anyone know what little file I might delete so the Navigation palette would be rebuilt?


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

As of SP2 I have not had any users with problems unless their hardware didn't support Win10 directly. This happened with a lot of older graphics cards but wasn't related to Vectorworks.

I've now personally been using Win10 as well and its a great improvement over 8.1.

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