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  1. Thanks for posting this! Who knew that the columns in the Navigation Palette could re-size themselves and that they could be manually fixed? Yes, I re-installed VWX twice in hopes of fixing this. Best, Mark Barnett
  2. Any luck with that request to get opengl textures to view in the VW 2015 file viewer? Thanks
  3. Hmmmm, Here's a timely response - only, what 8 mo's later? I was having the opposite issue. My sheet layer viewport class selections were over-riding the classes selected in my design layer viewports. Very frustrating. I hope someone'll chime in re: Best Practices and all in ref. to this, but I just ended up making symbols of the elements in the DLVP's in order to get them to show up in the SLVP correctly. This worked okay in that the parts and pieces involved were for some display cases. Thanks, m@c
  4. Doh! This is handled with the 'Backlit' Reflectivity Shader now. Just stumbled across this while searching the forum "after" hitting the 'send' button. Oops. Guess I didn't phrase my search terms very well. However - the question regarding the non functioning 2 Color RW Background stands - dadgummit!
  5. Hey! Where did the Translucency and the Translucent Plastic Reflectivity Shaders go? They were there in VW 2010 Spotlight-Renderworks. Do I have to resurrect an old copy? Is there a way to create a translucent reflectivity shader for 2012? Oh, and I really, really miss the Renderworks "2 Color background". It seems like it stopped working with the VW 2011 release as well. Whenever I try to use it now-a-days, all I get is a single middle ground color. Input appreciated! Please don't tell me it's a PC thing... Thanks
  6. I too have found the 3D dim's to be useless. When checking out the dimensioned item in a view port the text in the dimensions don't show up. With my best Ricky Riccardo impersonation as I wag my finger; "Nemetschek, you have some 'splaining to do!"
  7. I'm Baaaaaacccckkkk.... In 2008 this card had fits with VW2008 - see 2008 Thread titled "CRASH CRASH CRASH" - and now with VW2011 it's just plain dotty. The drawing area goes blank as I move the cursor over parts of the model. Lot's of drawing by inference involved here. Very annoying! So far, the kind and patient Tech person at NVW has only offered speculation that it 'might' be the driver for the display adapter and that I should download the latest one. Which unfortunately was from 02/2009. Downloaded it, installed it, and found that nothing changed with the winkiness & blinkiness of trying to draw with VW2011. Anyone else experiencing issues with ATI FireGL cards? Especially now that they're a 'legacy' model? ATI is actually listed as a good brand in Vectorworks' knowledge base. Any suggestions [besides 'Get a Mac'] for a good card to go in a Dell Precision PWS390 with an Intel Core 2 processor and 3.25 gb of ram? BTW - What in the blazes is up with the 3D Align/distribute command? This business of having to re-orient the view each time I align to a 3d locus sets my teeth on edge. Definitely was NOT fixed in SP2. Input is welcome. Thanks!
  8. Sure, whenever you re-import the VW file. That's one of the reasons I went away from Artlantis. Even though there is a plugin for Artlantis / VW, I found revising a rendered model to be a drag. Also, At the time I was using Artlantis, one had to adjust light sources one at a time. It appears that Artlantis has upgraded like everyone else so my input is a little dated [like 3 years]. At least with RW the sketchy / line art options aren't "...pretty well hidden hidden...", they're out in front. Yeah, the render engine is creaky and with HDRI scenes it can take a while, but for work flow, VW/RW still works for me. Obviously, YMMV. Good luck!
  9. Just in case your 2d and 3d stuff is in the same class it's possible to go to the tools menu, pull down to the custom selection palette, select the differing types of objects that you need to hide, and then assign them to a class that can be turned off. How now?
  10. I'd like to see what the wise people know about this topic too.
  11. + 1 for 3d dimensioning. Hopefully this won't become as contentious as the render farm thread...
  12. Thanks Dave! That did the trick. I didn't even know that I had the Auto-Align Planar Mapping thingy selected.
  13. I sent this to tech@vectorworks.net on January the 15th and have been in contact with Donald[?] Ward and Sofy in the tech support dept at VW since then. For some reason Ward thought the problem might be that I was attempting to map to a surface on an extruded object rather than a 3d polygon or a nurbs surface. That suggestion was a non-starter for me, as I have been successfully mapping textures to extruded objects for 5+ years now. This a problem for me on [2] other machines, as soon as I get home from the office I'll be able to post their spec's as well. I hope they get this sorted out soon!
  14. +10 for MullinRJ's suggestion. That appears to do the same thing as creating a layer comp in P'shop...
  15. Is it a 3d object? Failed solid additions and subtractions show up as pink objects. Sometimes such an object will 'fail' when a VW 2008 is imported into VW 2009. I've also had them 'fail' when done one addition, subtraction, intersection too many to a solid shape.


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