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  1. I just stumbled across this same problem. Most of the time I draw in 1/2" or 1/4" scale. I didn't realize I was in 1:1 scale which seemed to be the problem. I switched to another scale and the error message went away.
  2. @markdd seems to have found it. I've accidentally done this before myself. I guess every symbol you get from another source like 3d Warehouse, should be opened in a separate file in Vectorworks and thoroughly examined before adding it to a master drawing. Learned my lesson.
  3. Can we please have a way to quickly find what objects or textures are increasing our file size? I have to delete objects one by one, then hit refresh, then check the file size to find an object or texture that added 20mb to my file. One time I accidentally used a 10mb image for a texture. When a 50K image would have worked just as well. It took me a while to figure out the problem. Maybe this problem has been addressed and I don't know about. Thanks.
  4. Thanks Kevin. I believe the casters were pulled from the Sketchup 3D Warehouse. Maybe that has something to do with it.
  5. One other note. I noticed that section viewports are not corrected after the process you described. I'm still working on a way for the section viewport to display correctly.
  6. I tried what you said, but at first I did not also convert the sub-objects (the casters). It did not fix the problem. I tried it again and converted it to a group including the sub-objects and the rendering was correct. So it may have something to do with symbols contained within symbols. And as I said, the rendering was incorrect in front and back views only. Side views and isometric views were fine. I will submit it as a bug. Thanks for your help!
  7. Hidden Line rendering is not displaying correctly in front or back views. Other views are correct. Attached are some samples and a VW file. Sample 1 shows what a front view, hidden line rendering should look like. I had to cant the model a small fraction to get it to render correctly. Sample 2 is a Front view, hidden line rendering and is showing lines that should be hidden, especially in the bottom center of the model. Sample 3 is an isometric view of the model. Any help is appreciated. I can't keep printing my drawings out and whiting out the incorrect lines. Vectorworks 2018 with Renderworks vw problem.vwx
  8. One thing I would emphasize is when viewing a renderworks camera, deactivate the camera before going to walkthrough mode. View changes made while a camera is active seem to change the camera. A little pop-up would be nice asking if you want to change the parameters of the current camera.
  9. Just came back to check this thread after having continuing problems with renderworks cameras. Thank you all. I didn't realize i needed to create new renderworks cameras AFTER installing the service packs. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Solved my problems. I've gotten rid of templates created before the updates.
  10. When creating a section of a SLVP, "the viewport you are sectioning must be in one of the following views: top/plan, top, bottom, right, left, front, or back." In the attached Sheet Layer drawing, Flat A is in front view and can be sectioned. But the other two flats are at odd angles in the design layer. The only way I can section these SLVPs is to make them into symbols, put a copy of the symbol on another design layer, rotate the symbol to the x or y plane, and create a SLVP from the rotated symbol. I guess in some occupations, every object lines up neatly on the x or y axis, but I have objects all over the place. So my wish is that I can section a SLVP that is in any view.
  11. It's nice that when you format text you can see the different fonts, but you have to scroll through the fonts one at a time. It would be nice if the drop down font menu listed the fonts in each one's style. This seems standard in other programs like Microsoft word.
  12. I put my symbols in folders in the Resource Browser. I don't see a way to organize Textures.
  13. When I edit the polygon in an extrude that has been mirrored, or copied and pasted somewhere else, I cannot see the objects around it anymore. I would like to mirror or move an extrude and have the new location be its new origin when editing so I can see the surrounding objects. When mirroring, maybe one of the options is "reset new object origin". I'm not sure origin is the right word.
  14. Thank you! Why didn't I think of that. Except if you have multiple cutting planes and you only want to delete one.
  15. It would be nice if individual objects had associated file sizes with them in the OIP. Sometimes I wonder why my file size got so large. I purge and its still large. So I start deleting symbols, textures etc and checking the file size after each delete. One time, a friend had a huge file. He gave it to me and I started deleting until I found one small piece of geometry that was increasing his file size by 100mb. This was an older version of VW. I haven't had anything quite that drastic recently. I know that photos need to be reduced in size before bringing them into Vectorworks to make textures. At least VW has a popup that shows you the photo file size when you create a texture. A drawing with lots of 1mb image based textures can drastically increase the file size.
  16. When editing a solid addition or subtraction, you should be able to delete the cutting plane and have the object restored. Instead you get the error message "you have tried to create a solid object which cannot be computed." Of course the work around is to start the edit. Select the object and not the cutting plane. Copy. Exit the object. Then paste and place. But deleting cutting planes would be helpful.
  17. In 2016 sometimes I open saved camera views by double clicking in the visualization palette only to discover the "look to height" has been changed to some huge number and the camera is pointing up. I found a backup file and saved all the camera views in a separate document. I have to periodically delete all my camera views and paste in the saved ones. Anyone have any suggestions before I submit a bug report?
  18. Very Nice! I can use an effect like that. For those without Animation Works, here is a video of his drawing. I'm using Animation works right now in plan view to choreograph the movement of scenery and actors in a big cast show.
  19. Since my user folders are in a cloud drive, every time I change computers I have to activate the license. Just one click. Not a problem.
  20. Here is a better look at 3 animated objects moving at once. Use quicktime and the arrow keys Jim
  21. Actually this isn't what I'm looking for. I need to change the classes and the layers in the referenced viewports. If I bring up the dlvp in the organization palette I can only change the visibilities of classes and layers in the current drawing. The only way I see to adjust the dlvp is through the OIP. First do the classes. Close that. Then do the layers. I might want to print a sheet layer without certain classes or layers in a dlvp. Whatever classes and layers are active in a dlvp stay there in all sheet layers. So I have to go to the design layer, select the dlvp, edit the classes, edit the layers, return to the sheet layer and print. I guess I could make several dlvps from the same referenced file with different commonly used settings in each. Jim
  22. I have to activate every other day on my computer at home and my computer at work. "Vectorworks requires activation over the Internet before it can be used"
  23. I put my user folders in a cloud drive (haven't tried VW Cloud yet so I'm using One Drive) This way my work computer and my home computer can access the same preferences. I also keep my projects in there so I don't have to constantly point to my referenced file locations. The problem is that the only place I can put my One Drive folder is on the C drive itself. Because the path after that is different for each computer. My work assigns me a different computer user name than I have at home. This really isn't a problem, but it seems that the file that points to where the user folder is should not be kept in that same folder. User folder locations should be different for each machine, even though the content is the same when using a cloud drive. I was tired of tweaking my workspaces at home and then having to remember to tweak the same thing at work. I finally figured out putting One Drive directly on the C drive, instead of its default location. If I'm missing something, please tell me. Jim
  24. Hayden: I'd be glad to look at your file. Give me a cloud drive link or something. How long does it take to render your drawing in Final Renderworks? (without Animation Works)
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