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Ok I have read and done all of the following tips to adjust my viewport by the corner handles to no resolve. I am working in VW 2013 fundamentals, Imac 2013 21.5" i7 and all the trimmings. I have created a viewport class and made everything visible. Maybe it is in the set up I am not clicking something or clicking the wrong option so if someone could help me out here I would appreciate it. Every time I create a viewport the obj window says crop-NO and i can't figure out how to change this.

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I think having viewports auto-classed similar to dimensions would be the best solution. Call it "Viewport", but also have it able to be user defined. And non-printable.

My workflow is to always put viewports in their own unique class anyway. I (try to) follow the AIA layer standards (layers = classes in VW), so I always put them in G-Anno-View. In my department we work with dozens of architects/engineers/landscape architects, and I have found over the years that most of them put viewports either in G-Anno-Nplt, Defpoints, or for ones who don't follow the AIA standards, something descriptive they made up like View or VPorts or Viewport, etc. But they all put them in their own layer.

They all use AutoCAD (including myself when at work) so the viewport layer can be set to non-plot, where all objects on that layer are visible and editable, but just won't print. The lack of this ability in VW does make a little extra work. I have to make the Crop linecolor white so it won't print. I never hide the viewport class so I can always easily edit the Crop. I also ALWAYS use a VP Crop object for every viewport ever created, just to be consistent. No cropless viewports for me - they just introduce confusion into the process. And nothing but viewports and viewport Crops are ever put into the viewport class. It is strictly for viewports/Crops and nothing else.

If VW would give us the option of making classes "Non-print" the VP Crop could always be visible, always be editable, and just not print. This would avoid a ton of confusion, in my opinion. If they can't do that for all classes, maybe just provide that as a special option for Viewports. Maybe have a box to check off for "Printable" in the OI palette.

What it boils down to is find a system that works for you and stick to it. And make everyone in the office stick to it. No saying "I'm in a hurry so I can't class the viewport", or "I just forgot", or "I just don't care". A lot of problems I find in drawings are just from sloppy work habits, not the program.

So to sum it up, my process is:

All viewports are created with a Crop.

All viewport Crops have a linecolor of white.

All viewports and viewport Crops are put in the G-Anno-View class.

The G-Anno-View class is always Visible.

My 2 cents (and as always, far too long a post) ...

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Thanks, yes, I appreciate you have a great subscription service and provide great training.

I was hoping you had a secret source you could share that would comprehensively list undocumented functions/features like these.

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I did not know that you could clip the viewport in this way.

After playing with it you can also split viewports to create multiple split viewports in one single operation (not sure of the sense in this but its interesting if nothing else) by using the splits at boundaries mode.

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I found it useful to create a custom plug-in that creates a rectangular Viewport crop which by default is created on the None class and its line attribute is set to white.

In my workflow I always leave the None class switched on, so that the crop is always visible, and thanks to my plug-in I avoid the risk to create a viewport on other classes.

This plugin is free to download this URL: https://www.smartpaste.co.uk/#free-tools

I hope it helps!

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