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  1. Benson , Thank you. I have two of Johnanthan's books from VW 12.5 both Essentials and Architect but could not find these particular points covered. They are very good and I must re visit them again. I am trying to save for the upgrade to 2012 before it becomes out of reach and then I will either buy more of Johnanthans updated versions or another. I much appreciate your help and it has opened a wide door to be explored. regards David
  2. Benson, I will not make this a tutor link but I have another basic question re these polyline objects. When a curve is created it completes itself into a solid boundary object by joining the ends with a hidden line. This masks objects underneath it with a white out band. This means its a solid object and if I click on none in the attributes palette does this change the nature of this shape in order to join it to others as it now is not a solid but just a line.
  3. Benson, Just trying the connect and combine tool (first time I have used it ! ) I did not really understand its purpose before this. It makes a lot of difference. Is there a teach disc which demonstrates each tools use with video examples that you know of ? I can see I need to know a lot more about these unknowns. I have been using VW for a few years now and because I work alone all this stuff is much more difficult to acquire whereas in an office or group you just turn around and someone always knows the answer. Thank you Regards David
  4. Benson, Thank you for your reply it is much appreciated. I will try the advice on my problem in question and ask further help if required. regards David
  5. Hi, I am an occasional user and one of the things I always have difficulty is with constructing a shape with curves and straight lines to make an object. I know the vertices have to touch but can they just cross. Plus when to use compose and when to add surface. Does the shape being part of the whole have to be a solid and not a line to gel into the final composed shape/object. This is a big question I appreciate and a pointer to a knowledge base or article which will describe the differences would be most helpful or even a DVD teaching base. Funds are limited for one to one at present so this is my route I hope to more understanding Thank you Regards David.
  6. Hi, Thank you all for your input. It seems I was on a similar track in that you need to select either the things you want or don't want and deal with them as a class /group/ layer etc. So thank you all for the time to answer. Have a good week regards David
  7. Hi, I am a novice here and I am sure there must be a video or help page which I can refer to but I have tried and cannot find it. I have a simple bedroom plan with a chimney breast and I am panelling the walls to about 1. 2 mt. I wish to work within the room so to speak on a section of the plan say facing the west wall. This would enable me to work on the panels without the foreground being in the way all the time. I can make a section viewport and annotate and crop it but as far as I know cannot work on it without changing the the design layer. So far I have gotten around this by making walls that are in the way a separate layer and naming it "Walls not required" and making them invisible. Is this the only way ? I am sure I am missing a basic principle here and would like advice or a pointer to where i can read up on it. Thank you Regards David
  8. Hi Farookey, Thank you for that. Sometimes one can spend hours on this sort of stuff and its most annoying. Have a good week regards David
  9. Hi, I know this is probably simple but I have tried looking in help and callout parameters and object info palette. However my callout text remains stuck in a vertical manner and I would like it to be left /top justified. Looked in text alignment a well BUT... Anyone give that tip which is driving me mad please. How do I get it back to normal please? Regards David
  10. Hi Bob, Thank you for your tips they are much appreciated. Regards David
  11. Hi bcd, thank you for that I must have duplicated some objects unknowingly along the way. I have also learnt a little more about the OIP being full of until now unnoticed info. Thank you Regards David
  12. Hi, more help needed for the novice here please. I enclose a drawing of a curtain pellet which I composed from arcs and lines. I cannot get it to compose into a polygon which will then extrude without showing the detail of the central arc. It says there are 2 objects and it seems to extrude but is not one complete polygon. It also shows the arc in the centre in some modes. I have greatly enlarged it to see if the points join and I think they do I would lie to know what I am doing wrong as I have tried "compose" "convert to object" but it remains in bits. Any help appreciated Thank you David
  13. The view is in a viewport and as you can see from the enclosed pdf there is a plan view (viewport). It is not apparent here and I believe oz is correct that it can be seen in the elevation only because this red line is a 10mm extrude with no fill. Thanks for your help David
  14. Hi, This has dogged me on this drawing. The red line shows the old wall which I made as a class. The class is switched on in both the Design layer and the Viewport but it will not show from one to the other without being an extrude. It was an adjustable polygon when drawn but would not register in viewport. I ticked both project planar and screen objects but it made no difference. I would just like to know the principle as to why it wont register. The file is 21 mg so I cannot send the original but a pdf Thank you once again regards David VW2010
  15. Hi, Thanks for that all of you great forum. Now I know why it closes ( and extrudes) sometimes and not others because I unknowingly closed the shape/polygon. Have a Good Christmas David
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