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  1. Has anyone found any answers to VW2013 crashing all the time. Mine crashes about 3-4 time a day. I set the auto save to save every 5 mins so I don't loose to much. Fortunately it has that option to not alert me every time it backs up but I upgraded to to get away from crashing. I was running 2008 before this and never had this many problems.
  2. Ok I have read and done all of the following tips to adjust my viewport by the corner handles to no resolve. I am working in VW 2013 fundamentals, Imac 2013 21.5" i7 and all the trimmings. I have created a viewport class and made everything visible. Maybe it is in the set up I am not clicking something or clicking the wrong option so if someone could help me out here I would appreciate it. Every time I create a viewport the obj window says crop-NO and i can't figure out how to change this.
  3. I just loaded VW 2013 Fundamentals after using VW2008 for the last couple of years. I am doing really simple drawings ie. 2d rectangles with text and some hatch ... simple. But for some reason I am getting really jerky delayed movements whenever I move anything. For Example I grabbed a text box and an polyline, held down option and dragged to make a copy and it didn't move for a half a second and then when it did it kind of skipped over and when I released it took a second and half for it appear. plus if I don't continue to hold option (mac user) even after second place click it won't make a copy. It is very frustrating. My speed is one of my positives and this is slowing me down. WTF :mad: Any suggestions on why this might be happening and how i can fix it. I am running a late 2011 Imac 24" 4 GB 667 RAM 2.4 GHz intel core 2 dou. Thanks Drew
  4. I have read a post from a couple of years ago about cropping viewports. I am still having problems. I am working in 2008 ... I know it is old but I like it... I create a viewport in a sheet layer. In the viewport I can see what is on my design layer and I can adjust the scale but I can not crop the box. there are no handles. I have made sure that all the classes are visible in all of the different places. Still nothing. What I have noted from another drawing that I imported that has viewports is that there in the Obj window when the viewport is selected next to crop it say "yes" and in the original drawing that I am working on it says "no" but there is no option to click it to yes. Also in the imported drawing when I have the organization window up, under viewports you can see all the viewport in this file and one says source and I can't edit that one. So I guessed that the viewport is one the design layer and the rest of them are on the different sheets. I am obviously new to viewports in vectorworks. I remember way back when I used to use Auto cad that I liked them so I would like to start using them in my current draftings. Any help here would be great. Thanks
  5. I had the similar problem when trying to export a 3DS from vectorwork 2008. It goes through the saving process but is not where I saved it or in the content folder. Where else could it be going. Thanks Drew
  6. Hello, I am trying to find out if I can print to different size paper without rescaling my whole sheet. my default is 24x36 but my boss wants 11x17 prints to do corrections so the scale doesn't need to be right. Right now I am printing to a PDF and then printing from there. Is there an easier way? My friend has autocad and has what looks like sheet layers that are set up for the different sizes. I am using VW 2008 and not drawing with viewports. thanks Drew
  7. I figured out that it happens when ever I copy and paste or import a jpeg from Photoshop. I am running vectorworks 2008. Does it get fixed in the next versions? thanks for the support.
  8. Hey My 2D selection tool is locked in the copy in place function (mac - option Key and click). I don't know how it became locked but now I can't select or scale an object without making a copy of it. Can you help. Thanks Drew
  9. Did you ever resolve how to print patterns. When I print all the pattern print as different shades of Grey. thanks
  10. I will look at the viewports for the future but just tried the move page tool and it works perfectly for what I am doing right now.
  11. I have multiple layers in different scales and I want to move them all at the same time in and out of the print area. How do i select these different scale design layers at the same time. Or is there a better way to scale up different objects with in a drawing. Thanks Drew
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