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Worksheet of PIO Fields

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I'm still looking for the formula to list wall surface areas (with wall IDs and different wall components listed) within one space (when the data is not in the space north,east...etc. wall finishes, because that can't handle that when i have more than 4 walls around a space).

It would be nice to list wall component areas that a space boundary touches or contains. I could only list all my wall component areas, but that doesn't tell me which is in which space.

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The latest version of this script doesn't seem to be working for me. I copied & pasted the text into a new script. When I run it I just get an error file. is there something I'm doing wrong?



An earlier version of this script I have seems to work on most objects. However didn't get much back for space objects:



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Hey, @Pat Stanford


This has been a super useful script, both for the data it reveals, and as my introduction to creating worksheets!


There's one unimportant tiny typo:


SetWSCellFormula(WSH,1,1,1,1,Concat('Parameter Fields for PIO: ',S1));

SetWSCellFormula(WSH,3,1,3,1,'Display Name');

SetWSCellFormula(WSH,3,2,3,2,'Cell Formula');

SetWSCellFormula(WSH,3,2,3,2,'Field Type');  <--- Should be column 3



I only offer this up, as this has been such a useful script, and I'd like the next person to see it in all of it's glory.  🙂


Thanks a ton for all the help you provide on here - I know that I've benefited a ton from answers and help that you've given ages ago! 


-Trevor Gooch

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The script is perfect (after fixing a couple of typos and corrected (WSH,3,3,3,3,'Field Type') per @trevorgooch - ZIP file attached). If it's not too much to ask to go beyond perfection, is it possible to add a fourth column that shows the actual values in each field for the selected PIO?  


Also, what does "__NNA_DO_NOT_CHANGE" mean?  Clearly it's something I shouldn't change.




And for forum cross referencing, a related thread is HERE

Pat's PIO Field Script - TYPO FIX 2.zip

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Fixed the fixed uploaded file
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