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VW10 3D, Ease of Use, and VIEWPORTS !

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I just learned what a "viewport" is. This is my number one wish for VW. The lack of viewports is what keeps me looking at other software for solutions. The only thing that keeps me from leaving VW for a software program with viewports, is the dread of having to re-learn a new software program.

I also understand that some software programs have dynamically linked elevations and sections. I currently have a project where I have cut 9 sections. The floor plan has changed and I am now faced with redrawing all 9 of those sections. This is what I would have to do if I were hand-drafting. I expect more from a computer program. I expect VW to dynamically change all of those sections for me. Likewise I will have to redraw all of the exterior elevations since they do not update automatically either.

VW 10 does nothing to address my actual needs for my business. I will either wait for VW 11 or find another program. If these issues are not provided in VW 11 I know that I will be forced to switch to another program that does.

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How much?. (or, how much time should i wait?)

I really like VW, but when i compare it with Archicad?, well, what can i say. Plug-Ins, as Windows or Doors are really good and easy to play with there, Scales are linked to the floors, Spaces are linked to the walls which defined them, dimensioning; views?. and now they offer a good 2D toolset. You should take a look at the competence.

and, by the way, do NNA think to offer IFC support?.

regards. stbn

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I've long used VW (MiniCAD) for 2D drawing (mainly 8.5.1). VW's "ease of use" has been one of its biggest selling points. However,

I've always used other programs for 3D.

Recently I spent an hour with the VW10 demo,

hoping that VW's 2D "ease of use" would carry

over into 3D. My conclusion is -- while the 3D

tools are pretty capable -- the lack of "viewports" makes VW10 unduly difficult to use.

For example, in AutoDesk's (5 year old) 3D Studio Viz -- one can simultaneously view orthogonal

top, bottom, side AND perspective views (or any

4 sets of random working planes). This makes drawing, editing, etc. vastly easier -- one can draw in a convenient orthogonal view (or VIEWS) while observing the result in all other views. One doesn't, for example, inadvertently drag, drop and create a cuboid BELOW the ground plane, when one meant to draw it ABOVE same.

Did I miss it during my demo tour, or is VW10

limited to ONE view at any given time? And, if

so -- any chance for multiple viewing windows

in a future version of VW?

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Originally posted by Peerman:

Instead of viewports, why don't you use the numpad keys to quickly switch between different views? using the 1,3,7 and 9 you even get isometrics!

This is what I do too. My first experience with 3-D modeling was with VW, so the interface seems very natural to me. Personally I really don't see the need for view ports. I use a series of groups, layers, layerlinks, and classes to divide the model up into easily editable and useable parts. If I need to see the elevation, I simply hit the #2 on the key pad and there it is.

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Hi Ariel,

first, I really don't like to jump. but them II would considerate ArchiCad. The problem is not the lack of viewports, is the lack of interactivity and flexibility. the models in VW are static. just to look at them. You can not make a change and wait for the original to change too. If I made a section they are a bunch of lines and polygons, not linked with the original, so every change is not registered in the floor plan.

The same grad of inflexibility happens with the doors and windows. I can not change them interactivity with the mouse, but through a palette, or the spaces, not linked with the walls.

The GLD system is better as the VectorScript.

But the info palette is beautiful, just as a lot of things in VW. so I hope they can solve the problems and shortcomings. Layer and Class palette would be welcome too, better Windows, Doors and Stairs plug-ins. So I will like to see a Stair, which know that it links two floors, and the representation is quite different upon and bottom. just as example

Regards. Stbn

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I do not understand the suggestion of using the keypad. Sure, this allows quick change of views of the model. But how does it allow editing of the model? The model, (at least my model), is a series of layer links to Mod layers.

I need to be able to work on the Mod layers and see the results in real-time in an elevation view and/or section, and/or isometric.

Ideally I would be able to edit any view and have that change reflect globally. How about being able to grab a door in the model and move it and have the section view and the floor plan view reflect that change.

MikeB: You seem to have a system that works for you. I do not understand it from your description. Would you like to explain how this works? Perhaps this is a solution that would help the rest of us.

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I am one of those rare Acad converts. I started on Autocad, but almost instantly fell in love with VW the first week I used it. It's certainly more user friendly when it comes to drawing in 3D. So much in fact that now I draw everything in 3D whether I need model drawings or not. The biggest benefit to this--one change changes all of your views. It does not take any longer to draw one 3D model than it does to draw 3 or 13 2D views.

I also agree with MikeB, I'd rather use my screen for one view at a time so I can actually see what I'm working on. Using separate layers to harbor different views is also a great way to speed up the plotting process. Just remember not to convert to lines (if you so choose to do this) until the very end, so all of your drawings are updated with your changes.

The only thing I miss with AutoCad is the right click menu. Is there a way to customize this in VW10?

You guys are doing a great job, thanks for all that you do.


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Its always nice to hear that you are not alone. Yes, the lack of dynamic links to sections is HUGE! Viewports are essential to the growth of this product. I've been asking for this for about a year. I too will be forced to quit and learn Archicad out of sheer economic necessity if this feature does not appear SOON!

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