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  1. yes, they can open it once it is copied to their machines and double clicked on.
  2. right, we are all within the same network with the same server it's as if those pcs don't recognize the vw files even though the vw icon is showing.
  3. Katie, thanks for following up. Yes, they can open the files from within VW even if they are on the server. The double click on them doesn't work, no effect at all and only from these 2-3 machines. Again, this started after a little while that we installed v10 and converted v9 files.
  4. We are on windows 2000 professional. Those users that cannot open the files, they can copy them to their computer and then open them. So it's not the user permission, the files are "archive". They simply (and just them) cannot open them directly thru the server, by clicking on them. Nothing happens whether they have VW open or not.
  5. We have several users who access the server to work form files that in most cases where converted from V9 to 10. For some reason, two users cannot open VW files anymore from the server. When clicking on them, nothing happens. If they copy the files on their machine then it works. We tried uninstalling the older versions (9.5-9.5.1) at no avail. We tried reassigning the type of program / extension that those file require to be opened by VW, either thru folder-view-file types etc or thru the properties from each file or specifying open with...and even navigating to the VW 10.exe file. Other users can open those files even thru the server. Any help? Thank you
  6. VW Arch. 10.5.2 windows Weird behavior, we have a square as a symbol. If you snap to it with the constrained dimension tool, the object rotates!! And if we use the unconstrained one, the dimension rotates. It only happens with a this box. also we have the same problem of the dimension not staying in place, snapping away from a corner while trying to dimension the object. Another bug maybe? Object grouped within a symbol, once you edit the symbol, they are no longer a group? Again it only happened on one instance. Any advice? thank you
  7. Yes, I had VW 9 Architect and now VW 10 Architect, I wish I knew which tool to remove.
  8. Yes I know about the 5 tools that need to be removed and re-added if I install a VW 9 workspace into VW 10. Butthen I get messages that tools like concrete fill or regen plug -ins are not in the plug in folder. Why? Have they been removed in VW 10? And even if I don't care and use my old custom Workspace (that took many hours to create as I assigned a shortcut to almost every tool command, then I miss something. I right click with the mouse and don't get the "palette" option, only cut etc. Why? Where do I find and add something like that, that is not a tool or a command? How do I know what else I am missing? How do I know which are the new tools that I should add, where is a list of them, how come I seem to be the only one struggling with this? I know I could create a new one from the VW 10 standards, but it's going to take so much with all of those custom shortcuts and menus and custom tools!! Thanks for any suggestion.
  9. Hi everybody. Odd question. Is there any way, system, custom script etc that would produce a log of the (in house)printed files with the file name and date? And pushing it, to have an option for the user to mark when it is billable, reimbursable or not? Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks
  10. Thank you Katie. But the zoom tool obviously is still there for example. So why doesn't vw 10 accept my "Z" shortcut from the previous (vw 9) workspace?
  11. I imported the workspace from 9 to 10 and also added the custom tools to the plug in folder. I get messages that that tool is not in the workspace and I need to edit it. Even for tools like zoom and other standard ones . How do I fix this without actually recreating the workspace in 10,it will take me forever,? Thank you
  12. Once installed VW 10, can we safely remove all the previous genealogy of VW 9? Thanks
  13. Since the release of VW 9 ( and 9.5.2) for PC, we started having color matching issues when plotting, especially if patterns were involved, and the print patter at screen resolution didn't help much. We just upgraded and I don't know if 10 is better in that yet. Is anybody aware of any color matching software that would allow VW user to print as close as possible to what we see on the monitor? I know we can calibrate monitor and plotter but it seems so not reliable. Any help appreciated.
  14. I know NNA people will not answer, but some power users know a lot: when is VW 11 coming out? We are thinking to upgrade to 10 but if we have a release per year, the next should be close and it will probably be a more valuable step ahead from VW 9.5.2. C'mon, let's gossip.
  15. Thanks anyway. It seems rather complex to work in Truespace, so with the help of a coworker, we'll export to 3D Studio and render with radiosity.
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