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  1. Katie? PowerBooks get Hot. and that is a problem. I hope it would be adressed in a near future. regards.
  2. The same thing with VW 10. I have hope i would be better. No way. Why?. In a PowerBook is the whole thing very nasty. Regards. Stbn
  3. Hi Ariel, first, I really don't like to jump. but them II would considerate ArchiCad. The problem is not the lack of viewports, is the lack of interactivity and flexibility. the models in VW are static. just to look at them. You can not make a change and wait for the original to change too. If I made a section they are a bunch of lines and polygons, not linked with the original, so every change is not registered in the floor plan. The same grad of inflexibility happens with the doors and windows. I can not change them interactivity with the mouse, but through a palette, or the spaces, not linked with the walls. The GLD system is better as the VectorScript. But the info palette is beautiful, just as a lot of things in VW. so I hope they can solve the problems and shortcomings. Layer and Class palette would be welcome too, better Windows, Doors and Stairs plug-ins. So I will like to see a Stair, which know that it links two floors, and the representation is quite different upon and bottom. just as example Regards. Stbn
  4. Kevin, i read all your post carefully? and i agree with you. if the building is of generous dimensions, well?, you can better draw manually, as VW don't help you in such a Task as dynamically change the sections. And the model is no usable. I think too about to change. but in archicad not all is OK. the fa?ades are quite usable, better as in VW, but you should to redone some things. In Sections is the same, but here much better as in VW. but some handJob is necessary too. My feelings are that VW runs very slowly. stbn
  5. quote: Originally posted by BiplabNNA: VectorWorks 10.0 supports IGES import. Right now this is the only way you can transfer data from other packages for interesting shapes. HI. sorry but i said already in another post. I did a very complicate 3D drawing. ( i can send you the movie i did in VW). then i realize i couldn't export the yacht to another program without a hearth attack. the iges export did their job? horrible. not to mention the problems i had with the textures as i realize i should do the job in VW (cause the nearly impossibility to export the yacht as iges in good shape and without lost) the animation set of VW is minimal. Frequently crash related to textures, which ends in geometry deformations of the nurbs. I did it because i work with VW (minicad since version 4, so i know it good. but i should come here to advice from the first time as the problems were too big and the bugs so obvious. Then i step a moment and look around. What i saw?. well, that VW slowly fall behind the others. And the worst. i don't notice a really improvement. All the niceties are not so at all. Doors and Windows plug-ins are so clumsy. take a look at ArchiCad. i can resize a Door in real time, no matters, and i can fast change the geometry too. and it feels good. no as VW. IFC?. Acis Solids?. I receive a lot of DWG with ACIS-Solids embedded, so i should to buy another program just to take it over in VW. I hope version 11 will be in the right track. if not i should to jump in another wagon. and i don't like to do that. (asides the money it would cost). regards and sorry for the english. stbn
  6. How much?. (or, how much time should i wait?) I really like VW, but when i compare it with Archicad?, well, what can i say. Plug-Ins, as Windows or Doors are really good and easy to play with there, Scales are linked to the floors, Spaces are linked to the walls which defined them, dimensioning; views?. and now they offer a good 2D toolset. You should take a look at the competence. and, by the way, do NNA think to offer IFC support?. regards. stbn
  7. HI, many programs around there can open 3ds files. Argon for example. or Electric Image. there is a serious shortcoming here in VW. Sometimes i do a job with another tool, cause i know neither can i import dwg with acis solids nor export the work done reliable to another program to properly render them. regards.
  8. First, i just order my update and i hope the office would do the same soon. But i have complains? Well, the problem is that VW has not make a improvement as just we have expected. As MiniCad 4 was out, it was incredible, a very flexible and fast program. but now, ten years later i find that the Others have made a huge improvement , there are flexible, fast and reliable and VW has to do really something to be a leader again. And i speak not only for a Layer palette, or DP support, Altivec, or (i wish it would be there) open-GL instant render. I took a look to a new program here in europe, from italy. and that is flexibility?, you can for example draw a wall and play with it, below wider, on the top narrow, they support capes, and which one can has a different height, you can place a window which whatever form. and you can incline it or bow? and it remain a wall, editable , and you can request for it volume and so on. (from each cape if you want). just for example. Now, in VW 10 i can make X joints, and with multicapes i want to see the result I hope, VW 11 will solve this issue. Best regards. Stbn
  9. Thanks katie? ?yet. that sounds good. and regarding the Layer palette, i meant the real thing. one in which i can put 3 layer, 5 classes off, 4 on and is not modal, so i can see on the fly was happens as i do it. just as in photoshop. but thanks for the answer. maybe a wish-lister?. (pd. the question about the solids kernel is not answer, and i am just curious best regards, esteban panchame
  10. Sorry, two question to the technical staff. i don't see any mention to Layer or Class Palette, so there is not there, or? (a layer palette as in Illustrator), second, is the 3D solids kernel a ACIS kernel?, or ACIS conform?. if so, there is a possibility of .SAT export?. if not, which solids underlaying is there? in the office we think we will update, but i miss those features Thanks. Esteban Pancham
  11. i have two questions too? i use at home version 7 and in the office 9.5. I have been waited for the 10 release, i expected two things: a layer and class window, a la Photoshop or illustrator, where i can put some or all off or on, rename, etc; and multiple window support. Well, a better processor use, in my PowerBook is the whole time the processor use 100%, regardless what i do or not. is the VectorWorks window activ is the Use of the processor 100%, and in a TiBook that can be annoying. regards. Stbn Pancham? [ i forgot: a variable Wall tool, i meant, i want to draw directly in 3D or variable wide.] [ 09-24-2002, 02:01 PM: Message edited by: InstantGlueck ]
  12. Well, i am not the only one? But, how can that happens?. I hope in the next Version is this issue over. Best regards. Stbn
  13. HI, regards from Switzerland. I have just a question. i use VW in a TiBook. i notice that the Processor use is always 100%, no matter what i do or not. if i stop a moment just to think, and i do nothing, the processor use is still 100%. if i click in the menu, then it goes under 80%, just a strange behavior. Some hint of a better behavior in Version 10?. thanks in advance.
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