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  1. I didn't submit a bug file, not sure how to do that. I guess my original thread got hijacked by the view-ports turning black issue.
  2. I've found that switching to the OpenGL or Wireframe mode during the rending process will stop the rending and switch to that mode. the esc key no longer seems to stop the current rendering in VW2019
  3. So I started this post on in September of 2016, the thread was recently closed but this issues is not resolved VW2019 SP2, both window and mac. After initially using either final renderworks mode or the Realistic Exterior Renderworks style, subsequent updates to the geometry, either through editing geometry, adding geometry, deleting geometry, or simply by turning on or off existing layers, will not render in subsequent use of the renderworks engine. the subsequent renderings go through the process, and you can see in the indirect lighting stage of the rendering that the changed geometry is not being considered by the rendering engine. Somehow VW is retaining the old geometry and using that for the renderworks renderings. Only fix is to save the file, quit and restart VW, but any further geometry changes again require a restart to render correctly after the first renderworks rendering is done after restart. Very frustrating and a big waste of time.
  4. Still having the issue after the update. Last time I had changed the heliodon time of day, but the shadows would not update in final renderworks until I quit VW and restarted.
  5. VW2017 I'm having an issue with the Final Quality Renderworks mode I'm working on a model and render the model on screen in Final Quality Renderworks, then I switch back to open GL and edit an extrusion. The changes to the extrusion show up in open GL, but when I switch to Final Quality Renderworks, the rendering show up almost immediately , but the changes to the extrude are not shown. It appears to be showing a cashed version of the rendering and not actually re-rendering. If I select Final Quality Renderworks again, it asks if I want to re-render the scene, I say yes, but it still shows the old geometry. The only way I've found around this is to quit and restart VW I tried setting the Retain Rending Model in the VW preferences to Never, that didn't help Thanks
  6. I also just realized you have to apply a transparent texture to the area light to be able to see thru it, but you still get the illumination from the area light
  7. Shaun, They can co-exist. Select the area light and un-check the cast shadows box in the object info palette. You still get the shadows from the sun thru the window and the illumination of the area lights
  8. Dave, What is the intended use of this? Is it for abmient illumination while still using a sun source, or should it be used by itself without any other light sources? Thanks
  9. I havent used 3dmax in years (10+/-) so I can't speak for that but these images were produced in VW11, there was some photoshop work, people, trees, sky was replaced, background landscape, But the building and general lighting were done using RW Final quality ray trace rendering. 12 has more advanced rendering, but I havent gotten a feel for it yet.
  10. MikeB


    For simple grid hatches, like tile, you can use the ceiling grid tool under the MEP tool set. It allows you to set the grid spaceing and then you can dynamicaly set the origion The tool basically lets you draw a polyline that it autofills with the grid spacing and angle set in the tool preferences. Then once you've created the object, double click the grid and 5 points will appear, the center point can be dragged around to set the origion. I think Landmark has a similar tool for paving patterns that has more capability and flexibility as far as the patterns you can use. Good Luck
  11. I think NNA offers a cross platform license, unless you need XP for other apps it may be cheaper to change your VW license
  12. I have to admit its some comfort to know others are having trouble with lighting using radiosity. Personally I think I've gotten so used to "faking" the lighting (both thru the manipulation of the lighting itself and changing the material attributes) under the raytrace engine that I'm having alot of trouble adjusting to both the HDRI system and radiosity.
  13. We'll, thats brilliant, I hadn't thougt of doing it that way.
  14. I have the same experience, with a large team working on a large project you could easily have every floor and every reflected ceiling plan in seperate files and workgroup reference between them for the revelent information. This workflow is particularly useful in the crunch times when redlines are being picked up by multiple interns or cad techs. I think the preferred workflow is dependent on the scale of the project.
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