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  1. At first it was, but then I installed it in the Applications OSX folder and erased the other one. It made no difference.
  2. Heather: I draw everything in 3D, too, and I agree with you in the benefits of doing so, but I didn?t quite understand that of "using separate layers to harbor different views". Could you please explain it again? Thanks
  3. Thank you, Katie. I do appreciate your help and I hope I didn?t upset you, because I didn?t intend to. I would buy you a drink if only I was in the same continent you live in. I assure you right now is VERY late around here...
  4. Hello, Geoffrey. I?ve read your questions and the answers you got, and I think Kristen and Mike are, in my experience, absolutely right (I use a G4 533, 896 Mb ram). But if your copy of VW uses a dongle key, I would suggest you to think your switching over. You might like to first read "problems w dongle" @ "Tech Note and How To Suggestions", where I posted my own unsolved switching problems. Good luck
  5. It simply won?t work under OSX. This is a major setback for every schedule I have, and this way of communication is too slow. I would very much appreciate it if we could stop and start over from a different point of view: I have VW + RenderW 9.0.1 CD?s. They use a MacHASP M dongle and run fine under OS9.2.2 I want to make them run under OSX 10.2.4. What do I need to download to upgrade them? Where do I get what I need? What procedure do I need to follow?
  6. Yes, I emptied it. No, it asks nothing, but I?ve noticed that, when opening it from OS9 it shows my name and company name (and lets me save and everything), but when opening it under OSX, the same starting up window does not show anything after name or company, and then opens in demo mode. Yes, I have always the dongle plugged in, to the left usb port of the keyboard. Under OS9 is lit green. I have to check what happens under OSX, and I?ll get back to you.
  7. I?ve created a VW icon alias to sit on the dock and opened the application by double-clicking it,, I?ve tried to open the application by double clicking a VW document, and I?ve also tried to open VW by double-clicking its own icon in the VW folder. All three opened it in demo mode. Currently I don?t have VW installed. I?d rather wait instructions to make right from the begining.
  8. quote: Originally posted by Katie: First, make sure you install the dongle drivers for OS 10 from here" http://www.eealaddin.com I had too many 'l's before. After installing the dongle driver, check to make sure you do not have a VW 10 preference file in the preference folder. Go to the Hard drive, Users folder, your user home, library, preferences - VW 9 prefs.txt If this file exists, move it to the trash can and empty the trash can. Then launch VW - you should be out of demo mode now. Hello again, Katie. I?ve done everything you suggested, to no avail. I even uninstalled completely VW and RenderW and installed them again, then I looked for that VW 9 prefs. txt you pointed in your last writing, I?ve send it to the trash can, and it still runs in demo mode under OSX. Thank God I don?t have an axe at hand! I?m prepared to do anything it takes (erasing completely VW from my HD, reinstalling it, burn some incense to the gods, you name it), but I?m going to need a step-by-step procedure from the begining to the end, very detailed, because I?m begining to think of me as a not quite bright person. Would you please help me? Ask me anything you need to know. Thank you
  9. quote: Originally posted by Katie: OKay so the problem is that when you launch Vw under native OS 10.2.4, it runs in demo mode. How did you install the dongle drivers for OS 10? Have you tried downloading the dongle driver at www.ealladdin.com/ ? Hello again, Katie. I?m sorry about the delay, but I had to take an unexpected trip. So you think the problem could be in the dongle driver? Unfortunately, I can?t get to the URL you suggest... I think the address is not correct. Would you please send it again?
  10. Yes, I?m sorry, I was mistaken. I was talking about placing 2D locus along the path line used in the extrusion (not just one on the profile used), but there is no need to place different 2D locus on a composed line, because it produces different lengths (or "depths") by itself. I have also checked what Shaun says, and it works. But I like your idea better- it would be faster than to open an object to edit it...
  11. No, I still can run vw 9.5.3 fine under Mac OS 9.2.2 (actually, that?s what I am doing to work with it) And that?s why I haven?t eliminated Mac OS 9.2.2 yet (I have the 2 OS in the same HD), because it is the only way I can work with vw
  12. Yes, I installed it over, and then I upgraded it from version 9.0.1 (the one in my original CD) to version 9.5.3. I?m using Mac OSX 10.2.4 Thank you
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