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Can't find 'Validate 3D Data' in Landmark 2024 menu?

Amanda McDermott


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1 minute ago, Amanda McDermott said:

Wonder how I get it to appear in our modified workspace?!


That is a good question: I couldn't see it in the Workspace Editor either! I have it in my custom workspace but that's because it's derived from the stock Design Suite workspace + it's present there too (AEC > Terrain > Validate 3D Data). Perhaps you need to build your workspace again from scratch using one of the stock workspaces... It's recommended you do this fairly regularly anyway to ward off corruption...

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16 hours ago, Pat Stanford said:

Take a look at a Menu Item named Site Model Processor under the Site Model category in the left pane.


When you drag this into your workspace it brings four commands:


Site Model From Source Data

Site Model From Boundary

Simplify 3D Polygons

Validate 3D Data.


The only reason I figured this out was because I know that there are some command "Blocks" than contain multiple commands. Then when editing the Landmark workspace I noticed that when I single clicked on Validate 3D Data in the Landmark workspace that all four commands highlighted.  This told me that it was in a command "block". Then it was just a question of figuring out what name that block had in the left pane of the editor.



Brilliant, that's done it, thanks!

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I also had to drag in the Site Module Processor into my menu to make Validate appear.

Then I had 

"Site Model From Source Data

Site Model From Boundary

Simplify 3D Polygons"

2 times in my menu.


If you select one from the processor group, it will select all of them.

So I could delete my old "Processor" group without the Validate .....

All fine now.


But who invents such command "Blocks" - and why ?


So I will file a wish request to rename the Worskspace Editor/Menu/"All Menus"

to "nearly All menus"

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