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Site Modifiers - Batter slope with constant slope 1:2 towards existing site and automatically created a Grade Limit in this line?

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How can I control the Batter slope from a Site Modifier, example Planar Pad so that it has a constant slope of 1:2 down towards existing terrain and automatically created a Grade Limit in this line? @Katarina Ollikainen @Tamsin Slatter @Tony Kostreski

image.thumb.png.296e03d64f061e021f1acfaeec0aa22f.pngSite Modifiers - Batter slope with constant slope.vwx

How can I determine the Batter slope individually on the different sides of a Planar pad? Example show a rectangular Planar pad I want to adjust constant Batter slop individually on each of the four sides. One side slope 1:2, next 1:4, next 10:1 (cuts in rock), last vertical. Is this possible? Which methods are recommended when the Planar pad has a slope on all its sides?


Can I set it so that a Fill batter automatically gets a 1:2 while a Cut batter gets a 10:1 if it cuts through rock? These are functions we must have control over when we work in transport projects together with road engineers. In Scandinavia, Landscape Architects and Road Engineers do a lot of terrain modeling since we do not have pure civil engineers who process site prep.


The important thing is that I must be able to lock the Batter slope to a constant slope and that a Grade Limits is automatically created where the filling/cutting stops against the surface of the existing terrain. This is a line that is difficult to calculate on our own and we have to get help from the software to calculate.


Can I use a Planar Pad with constant slope or a Hardscape with slope and automatically crop this to existing terrain? Or can I have the intersection generated and then create Grade Limits from this intersection? How do I do this? I have manually modeled this line in 3D where I see the intersection and this is both time-consuming and inaccurate.



Need all the help I can get to find the right way of working in Vectorworks.

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Hi Åge.

in the Landmark pull down menu is a command called Grade Limit from Pad. This allows you to set the batter slope. The reverse option, Pad from Grade Limit allows you to also set the slopes and it attempts to balance your cut and fill. You may want to refine the shape of the pad once it has been created.

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Thanks Eric. @Eric Gilbey, PLA

I have tried this but have received many suggestions for Grade Limits, none of which are quite right. This left me very unsure whether this would work. Which settings should I use so that Batter slop is constant and exact 1:2?

Site Modifiers - Batter slope with constant slope - 2.vwx




To me it looks like this function only controls Max Slope and not exact Slope. As you can see in the pictures, none of the edges have been given a 1:2 slope.



As you can see in the picture, the Grade Limit moves quite a lot when I set Test Increment = 2.




What am I doing wrong?

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Thank you @Scott Campbellfor the very good explanation and well-described workaround until we have a better solution in place. Looking forward to this being a built-in solution in the program @Vlado.


I am attaching a new file that shows the solution to today's work. Hope this solution, which is currently a workaround, can be of help in finding better solutions. Feel free to give feedback on how I could make this even easier. I have tested several variants of finding the intersection line automatically as it is time-consuming to draw this manually in Top plan (3D).We are not going to deliver the 3D Site Model surface at this time, so now it was fastest to do it this way. Especially since heights will be adjusted, we can reuse Planar pads geometry and only adjust the Landscape Area that intersects with DTM Existing.





Site Modifiers - Batter slope -work-around _KOPI-2023-11-06-2254.vwx

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Thank you for this. I have been going mad trying to fit a specific slope around a pad because I could not imagine that something so basic could not be done! 30 or so years ago an Australian company, Creative Engineering, came up with a solution for this which I have not seen bettered since. Unfortunately, the firm is no longer around and their product HighRoad is no longer available for current operating systems.

The way they tackled the problem was to have a control line, say the edge of a pad, or the centre of a road. The control line was a 3D polyline with a chainage and you could specify a typical section at any point along the control line. For a pad this was done to one side of the control line, for a road, or path, sections could be specified each side of the control line. So that it was a simple manner to create a road with a crown using section lines each side of the control line.

Typical sections were drawn with a series of links to form the shape you want and might include kerbs, retaining walls, changes in slope etc. The final link needed to be attached to the ground and this was done by  clicking on the final link, which was usually a batter, and specifying that it should continue to the ground. It was possible to have  more than one section at a point eg different slopes for cuts and fills. So, the program would follow one set of links but if the ground was not encountered within the grade limits then it would follow the alternative path.

The program would then interpolate between specified sections along the control line. 


I would commend this method of site modification to VW.


As a matter of interest the program was a complete road design program that took in the original survey, produced plans, vertical profiles and cross sections, calculated quantities, gave setting out details, had a drive through video of the finished road and all fitted on one floppy disk!!

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Just chipping in here to say that this is exactly what I've been missing and asking for since I started using VW. There has been great additions to the software since I picked it up 2 years ago but this would beat them all by a mile if implemented properly. And as an extra input, we would need this to work for any graded surface, not just a horizontal flat surface/pad. Exact/configurable slopes above and below ground are vital to landscape modeling/design to a lot of us and is a major reason to why we still use other software unfortunately.


@Eric Gilbey, PLA as mentioned by Åke, the Grade Limit from Pad creates some unexpected/hard to predict results so I would suggest the tool gets pulled from the software. Just my thought 🙂

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