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  1. The new Site Modifier for drawing a pat or a road is very promising. I have just started testing the Pathway Path mode. I would like to find out how I can control and modify the centerline of the Pathway Path. I have tried to draw i from the beginning and everything looks fine until I try to edit the centerline. The pathway does not update the changes i make to the centerline when I'm in top/plan. Any tips?
  2. Thanks for all the suggestions, Benson! I have tried to go through all your suggestions, but I'm still not able to correct it the point cloud geometry is still present on the v2022 design layer not showing after making all classes visible, both in the viewport and the sheet layer. the cloud is not outside the viewport area either. See the screenshot below. When hovering over the viewport, the edge of the point cloud is shown with dashed lines both before and after the viewport is updated. I can even see the preview-snapping of points in the cloud when resting the cursor. But the points themselves is not visible... arghh Clip cube settings? I'm relatively new to vectorworks, as you might suspect but as far i can see the settings are OK. I can go to the design layer and see the clip cube perfectly fine. From any angle. I think this has to do with the clip cube combined with the viewport in some way. The point cloud disappears when the viewport is updated int the OIP. The point cloud displays nice in a viewport where the clip cube is not used. And like @Tom W. suggests, the size of the points are affected by the sheet layer DPI setting. I have tried to play around with the other settings for the viewport as well, but with no result. ...
  3. Hi. I have set up a file with a point cloud an have displayed the point cloud on a sheet layer in two different viewports. The file is set up in v2021, but when changing to v2022 (SP 1.1) the viewports doesn't show the point file after updating them. The point cloud shown in the pictures below illustrates the problem. They are set up using a Clip Cube in order to show only a small part of the point cloud and a particular building. If i try creating a viewport showing the entire point cloud, without a Clip Cube, it's fine in both versions. However, the size of the individual points are smaller in 2022. Haven't found a way to control the point size, and would also like to have feedback about that too...
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