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VW partner plug-in or workflow for 3D printing

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Unfortunately, 3-D printing with Vectorworks has remained a very small niche market. We would very much like to do a lot of 3-D printing, but the process is so cumbersome we don’t do any at all. Much as a Vectorworks has done a plug-in for twinmotion, making it a very excellent workflow, we need something in the same way for 3-D printing.


If VW could partner with one or more 3-D printing companies to make a simplified workflow, this would be a huge boost for both the supplier(s) and Vectorworks Users. 

I would bet, less than 1% of vectorworks users have access to a 3-D printer that will produce models of any practical size, let alone the time involved.

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Hi Don,


I've done a bunch of 3D printing from VW models,

Exporting STL files and bringing them into your preferred slicers works well.

Cura being the slice I have worked with the most. 


Maybe post a typical file to see how we can help.




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