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Mac M2 Render Speed Test

Don Seidel

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  • 6 months later...

...so it begs the question: WHY do any final render in VW anymore? 


The modest cost of TM or ES for the speed and final product are an incredible value. I LOVE that ES operates as a live  plugin, making the start-to-finish process even faster.


Of course VW was never design to primarily be a render program, but the speeds of even top-end machines are dinosaurs compared to what base-level machines can do with TM or ES.

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Everyone will have their own idea of "modest" cost, and of course in theory you can link it back to increased fee earning productivity and so on... but if you look at the cost of VW a few years ago, including its built in rendering facility, and compare that to the cost of VW plus an ES or TM licence now, and also bear in mind the fact that it's all subscription and you don't really own anything in exchange for your cash - then I wouldn't say that the difference is "modest".

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2 hours ago, tdmaine said:

Twin Motion at least is a fixed cost / no subscription 



I think TM (and Unreal !) Licensing changes are still not final,

but so far it sounds like it is a perpetual License, including all

updates for a year.


But that was basically always the case for TM.

(Beside that the gave out licenses for free, for doing early beta testing,

for woning a VW license, .... and that I never heard them asking for a

next year fee during the last years)


But it is not clear if you get the perpetual App for that price (?)

and pay the same price for a potential Upgrade/Update after a year,

which feels a bit like a subscription payment - while keeping

the perpetual character and access to your data.

Or if you will get update discount prices ?


Everything is a bit vague.

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