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Found 22 results

  1. Hi there, I've had this issue come up a few times over my last few projects. I've previously managed to find work arounds but never solutions. Can anyone tell me why my hardscape objects render as black polygons rather than the textures I've assigned them? I have tried different renderworks styles, changing the individual textures on specific faces of objects, editing the style to change the texture used and probably a few other things that have been forgotten in fits of desperation! My only solution so far has been to use a top/plan view but that isn't an option when I'm trying to produce 3D renders. Please see attached pictures to see the difference. Any help/thoughts/advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance
  2. hi, I'm wanting to create some interior and exterior panelling on a hemisphere and not sure how to do it. so how do I wrap a simple extrusion around the curvature of the shape accurately? Any help would be great thanks.
  3. Since the release of landscape areas using styles, I have experienced an issues with the 2D/plan view that can only be resolved by disassociating the style. It seems that when using the landscape area by style, it auto-generates a 2d component that does not follow the path, but instead represents a square. See screenshots and vwx for reference. Landscape Area Troubleshoot.vwx
  4. Hey guys, I posted earlier about a predicament regarding not being able to open a 2021file in 2020. I've attached it below would someone mind converting it to an earlier version of Vectorworks? It would be much appreciated!
  5. Hello, I am having an issue with adding new attributes to my label legends. I have a fixture type that I need to add unit numbers to on my plot. I go into the label legend manager and go into edit fields for the label legend I am using for the fixture. I select the unit # attribute to use for the 2D and then I select done. If I immediately go back in and edit fields again it is still selected. When I go into edit 2D layout it is not there for me to place. When I go back into edit fields Unit # is no longer selected. I have tried making a new label legend and it does the same thing, but with any attributes I try to apply. So I am left with nothing to place. I have tried a using a different fixture type to build one, I have tried refreshing in-between selecting the attribute and going into edit it, I have tried restarting the program. It will not let me add anything to any of my label legends. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Again I am working in 2020. 20210316_075738.mp4
  6. Hello world, We have a split level in our project and would like to model a stair with 2 risers and one landing, however, the tool will not allow for that. The rise should be 7.625" with 2 risers, not 5.083" with 3 risers, but I can't override the parameters. Any easy way to override? I started another topic where we tried designing a shipladder and had the same issue, where the shipladder can have a rise up to 10". I was able to modify the Min/Max setting for that issue, but am having trouble on this stair. Best of luck
  7. Hi I'm looking at migrating to 2021, but I'm having a problem with a degradation in rendering quality. This view is rendered in 2020: The next image is rendered in 2021, if you look at the glass you'll see a weird dappling and there is something strange going on with the lighting of the stonework. They are both rendered with the exact same settings. Are there any significant changes to Renderworks in 2021 that could explain this?
  8. I updated to vectorworks 2020, and I can't find the Spotlight Numbering tool. I've done some searches online, but there is nothing about it. The AutoNumber tool is there, but when I select it nothing happens. I read somewhere about it being part of the legacy tool set, but I don't know how to find that either. Attached is a screenshot of my dropdown menu.
  9. Hi, I have used the LED screen tool to create several screens and I have now made a plan viewport but I don't want the green loci to appear. How do I hide the green loci? Thanks
  10. Hello, I need to add a skylight to a roof face as I'm creating an atrium and I'm having trouble on how to make flat, glass roofs. I have created a 3d symbol of a skylight and I'm now having trouble positioning the skylight to the correct place. There seems to be a gap between the dormer cut out and the symbol itself. I have tried clicking edit skylight and this also left a triangular hole on the roof. 😁
  11. Hi, I'm having trouble figuring out how to add panels of glass on a roof face. Can someone please give me step by step instructions? 🙂
  12. When I try to export my drawing as a PDF it does not come out fully and I'm not sure why. Attached below is what it looks like in Vectorworks and what it looks like after being exported as a PDF. Also the part of the drawing that did not come out is a hatch if that helps
  13. I'm just getting into Worksheets, and I understand how to use it with symbols and finding their quantities. However, I would love to figure out how to get lumber material counts. Ideally, getting total lengths of lumber and total area of sheet goods, and then determining how many sticks/sheets are needed. I am having a tough time figuring out how to have the worksheet differentiate between 1x and ply - the only way I can think is to have different line types for each type of lumber and then put in different formulas based on the line types. Any ideas?
  14. Sade

    Green Screen

    Today I tried to use Vectorworks and the screen kept turning green and flashing. Does anyone know why this is happening?
  15. I share files with a freelance LD (who is also on 2018, and we've been on the same SP's when working together) and he has said in files that originate from me, he is unable to 3D rotate a lighting device to be a floor fixture. I simply do the below and it works fine for me. And when he originates a document he can rotate them this way too, but not one from me. Just curious if anyone has any ideas.
  16. I'm trying to do some VW cloud publishing, I managed to get it working with the default Cloud Services Folder, but when I tried Dropbox it I get this,: The resultant PDF is like 834bytes (Blank). The VWX is sync'd in my company's dropbox folder(s) where it lives, and I also exported the file to the same folder. I have given cloud services permission for full Dropbox integration. I suspect that the way I use aliases might have something to do with it. Basically we use dropbox as a company, but the folder organization that works for the majority, sucks for me and there is too much time navigating, not enough time doing. So I do something like below: My Company wants: Dropbox > Current > Client > Show Name > Layouts and Renders (there are other folders, but this is only one I care about) What I want to see: Dropbox > Working Plots which shows a list of all the current shows by show name that points directly to the respective "Layout and Renders" folder of each. I accomplish this via some applescripting and aliases. However when I added full dropbox integration to Vectorworks Cloud Services my dropbox then shows: It seems to just hang while syncing remaining files, which based on the sync icons in my Working Plots directory, it has X's at all of the aliases like that's causing it, or if VW cloud services is in some sort of endless loop trying to index my dropbox account. I'm not sure. But it works fine without the integration. Do aliases break the integration? Can anyone offer any help?
  17. I have created a pad from a closed 3d polygon, which varies in height along a curve on my model. When I update my site model, one edge of the pad acts as I expect it to - the road ramps down to meet the edge of the pad. However, I then expect the inside of the pad to form ground level, and for the site levels on the other side of the pad to meet the edge of the pad - which doesn't' happen? Instead, I get a cliff edge.... can anyone help me with what I'm missing?
  18. Hi All, We're having a pretty serious problem with the space label tool right now, and I'm not sure if this is just affecting us or widespread. Basically, we set up multiple space label tags (in order to be read at difference scales - some show more or less information than others). For some reason the 'allow multiple space labels' box in advanced settings seems to keeps unticking itself. See vid below.. Any ideas?? Thanks, A
  19. Today I have been having an issue with 3D geometry disappearing. IE: When I'm looking at it in Top/Plan it is there, but randomly when viewing it in lets say Front Isometric it is selectable but invisible. I cannot see anything on screen. Im wondering if its a corrupt file or if its an issues others have had or have found a solution to. (Working in Spotlight 2017) Thanks!
  20. Hi there, All of the staff in our office is encountering this issue, when we import dwgs from a supplier to the VW file. The dwg file is likely to have been created from a programme other than VW. When we import these DWG into our drawings, rotate it and move it to where we want it, then we are done for the day, we save the file and shut down. The next day when we re open the file, the DWG will have rotated itself back to its original state. This is a real problem for us, because a lot of time is spent having to re do things. We have tried ungrouping the polygons, exploding the symbol, and putting the lines into new classes, to no avail. Has anyone else encountered this? Additional to this issue is the fact that once the polygons have been regrouped, when we double click into edit the group, all of the lines are suddenly locked and we cannot edit anything unless we ungroup it again. Would be interested to hear if anyone else have also experienced this, and have any tricks up their sleeves they can suggest! Thank you for your advice in advance
  21. Is there a way to increase the size of the fonts used by VW in menus and OIPs? My eyes are getting less sharp and although the screens have become larger the fonts don't seem to.
  22. This post is about the how and why of fonts for Mac users who want to work with VW Cloud Services. It doesn’t deal with missing characters or other VW font issues. Its based on my four year journey of figuring out why VW Cloud Services wouldn’t work with my preferred font - ITC Avant Garde Gothic. I’m going to try to stick to my observations and stay away from editorializing my feelings about the experience. Its solely based on my experience of troubleshooting and in no way represents anything beyond that. On the surface VW seems to work fine with all of the fonts on my Mac but there are some hidden issues that seem to affect interaction with VW Cloud Services. My fonts for this demonstration are Century Gothic, Century Gothic Bold, Century Gothic Italic, and Century Gothic Bold Italic. I chose this font family because it appears on the VW Cloud Services font list ( https://cloud.vectorworks.net/portal/fonts/ ) and theoretically should just work. The version I used is a Truetype font. To access any of the styled fonts in VW you need to choose Century Gothic and then style it using the Bold, Italic or Bold Italic. You are able to select Century Gothic Bold as a font from the font menu and it will look ok locally on your machine, but it will not work with VW Cloud Services. Only Century Gothic styled Bold will work. Here’s what you get when putting a file containing the various incarnations of Century Gothic through VW Cloud Services. VW Cloud Services also sends this email about the missing fonts - The problem here is that in most cases these fonts aren’t actually “missing”. The Windows version of VW just can’t connect the dots that Century Gothic styled Bold and the font named Century Gothic Bold are the same thing. This is a failing in how the Mac version of VW writes font assignments into a file. As a secondary test, I typed some example text using Century Gothic, Century Gothic Bold, Century Gothic Italic and Century Gothic Bold Italic in the Pages word processor. I then cut and paste the text into VW. VW gets confused here too. With Century Gothic Bold for example, it assigns it the correct font but also adds a Bold style to it. (In some cases VW will generate a fake styled version of a font but that is not happening here. The generated version tend to have rounded corners, be slightly lighter weight and have other characteristics that make them distinguishable.) What does all this mean for Mac user's of VW Cloud Services? Here's some practical information I learned - To fix my problems with ITC Avant Garde Gothic I edited it directly in a program called Transtype 4. It allows you to convert, rename and organize font families. Any font pulled from a larger family needs to have a “regular” style present to work. Working in Transtype, that "regular" style needs to have all its technical names matching and its Parameters and Style Link Value need to be set to Regular. Stand alone fonts (eg. not part of a larger family) will also work if they conform to this naming convention. Any font I tried labelled “Opentype Postscript” or “Opentype Truetype” by Fontbook wouldn’t work. Fonts that seemed to works were listed as “PostScript Type 1 or Truetype in Fontbook. Odd styles like “Medium” or “Light” are styles that VW Cloud Services doesn’t seem to understand because VW doesn’t understand them. In almost all of these instances, fonts will work with VW on a local machine and behave fine. Its only VW Cloud Services that fails (and perhaps cross platform files, though in my testing my specific fonts worked fine with the Windows operating system itself. I didn’t test a full Windows VW installation.). Hopefully this help others to resolve their VW Cloud Services font issues. Kevin
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