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  1. What is the best workflow for creating drainage plans in VWX LM 2019? I am currently working on a site that will have a combination of trench drains located across paving, landscape area catch basins, roof/gutter drains, all of which need to be connected and discharged away from the residence. I am assume the collection trenches and boxes should be a symbol with a site modifier attached for modifying the DTM, however I am curious about the piping. Can irrigation tools be used in some capacity to create a network? It would be great if there were drainage network tools that could calculate capacity and flow. Thanks!
  2. I got this to work. I missed the 'convert to Generic Solid' step.
  3. I am trying to create some custom topiary / hedge forms using the Foliage tool. I am having issues changing the solid form of the foliage objects. I follow the instructions as outlined http://app-help.vectorworks.net/2019/eng/index.htm#t=VW2019_Guide%2FPlants%2FCovering_a_Solid_with_Foliage.htm&rhsearch=foliage&rhhlterm=foliage&rhsyns= When I try and paste my new solid form into the profile, it does not show up at all. Also, if I try to delete the sphere, it reappears over and over again in a slightly smaller size. For my new solid, I've tried using a 3D extrusion, converting to 3d polygons, converting to generic solid, even creating inside the profile editor, and all provide the same outcome. Please let me know what I am missing. Thanks!
  4. Hello. I have a road poly going down a slope. There is a pad modifier at the bottom of the road and the grade limit is set to the property boundary. I added a nurbs curve to the top edge of the road for finished grade at the road edge. 3D view shows to be accurate (top of paving = to adjacent grade). The contour lines however are not following the top of paving, instead they are following the 'cut' below the road on the DTM. While this is accurate for the cut, it is not accurate in terms of a site plan. Is there any workaround for this? See attached screenshot.
  5. Hello...I am fairly new with Vectorworks and just getting familiar. One issue I have run into is in the Hardscape tools. When modifying any part of the Hardscape Object (elevation, slope, etc) the program hangs and takes 3-5 mins to process each manipulation. This occurs both in 2d plan view and 3D OpenGL. Is this normal? Am I missing something? I do not experience this issue when using other site modifiers such as pads. Thanks!


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