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  1. Awesome, I'll give this a try. (Will probably help with other slowness issues as well. I have found that my 3D geometry disappearing issue seems to be due to a "Working Plane Cube" of sorts randomly moving around. When in a 3D view, if I grab this WP Cube thing and adjust it to be covering the geometry it becomes visible. Or partially visible depending on what geometry it is covering, like a section viewport. Whats weird is that if I set it so that I can see my geometry and then do a task such as adjust the Z heights of an object, it randomly moves the "Working Plane Cube Thing" to a random spot, making my geometry invisible yet again. Is there a way to essentially reset this 3D Working Plane Cube? Or eliminate it? I don't ever recall seeing this in 3D views, even in 2017. I apologize for my incorrect terminology on the "Working Plane Cube Thing" Thanks, - M
  2. Yeah, I have done several restarts over the week and still seem to be having the issue intermittently.
  3. System Report Attached: Mitchell's_MacBook_Pro.spx
  4. Today I have been having an issue with 3D geometry disappearing. IE: When I'm looking at it in Top/Plan it is there, but randomly when viewing it in lets say Front Isometric it is selectable but invisible. I cannot see anything on screen. Im wondering if its a corrupt file or if its an issues others have had or have found a solution to. (Working in Spotlight 2017) Thanks!
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