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  1. Nevermind. I got it to add containers, but it did the same thing after I exited the 2D layout. It unselected everything. Again, blank file and USITT standard symbol.
  2. @markdd Ok so interesting development. I tried to make a new label legend in a blank file and whenever I go into edit the 2D layout vwx crashes. It's done it 3 times in a row now. If I use a USITT standard symbol it will let me add containers, but will not add the text information.
  3. @markdd all classes are visible I even put my self into the unit # class and it is on show/snap/modify
  4. @markdd They are selected. It's becoming unselected after I leave the edit fields area and do anything else including refreshing or trying to edit placement in 2D.
  5. Hello, I am having an issue with adding new attributes to my label legends. I have a fixture type that I need to add unit numbers to on my plot. I go into the label legend manager and go into edit fields for the label legend I am using for the fixture. I select the unit # attribute to use for the 2D and then I select done. If I immediately go back in and edit fields again it is still selected. When I go into edit 2D layout it is not there for me to place. When I go back into edit fields Unit # is no longer selected. I have tried making a new label legend and it does the same thing, but with any attributes I try to apply. So I am left with nothing to place. I have tried a using a different fixture type to build one, I have tried refreshing in-between selecting the attribute and going into edit it, I have tried restarting the program. It will not let me add anything to any of my label legends. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Again I am working in 2020. 20210316_075738.mp4
  6. @Jim Wilso Hello! I am having the same issue. Thank you for your help in advance.
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