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  1. Thank you very, very much! I had no idea that option was located there. Turns out that the layer was selected, but the Viewport was not. I selected the Viewports that I wanted them to be on, and it worked!!! Thank you once again!
  2. I have VectorWorks 2008. I used View>Create Section Viewport to create some building sections. When I edit the viewport, I can see the section lines and references, but when I go to the sheet they aren't there. The viewport has both the class and the layer of the sections lines set as visible. What else could I possibly be doing wrong? How can I get these section lines to show up on my drawings? Thank you! Sky
  3. Sounds like everyone does it in a very similar way. So I will make a layer for each scale of details and use the viewports to put them into the detail sheets. Good thing this is only a 10,000 sf office TI. If this were a large project, the detail sheets might become unwieldy! Thank you!
  4. Umm... hello - I wasn't asking anyone to highlight the shortcoming of VectorWorks. That is of no use for me at all. I was simply asking for suggestions and help for what VectorWork can do, not what it should do. Thank you to gmm18 and rDesign for your helpful suggestions. As for the rest of you, if you have complaints about the software, please take it up with the software company directly. You want to complain - start your own topic.
  5. Thank you for your suggestion. So would you create one viewport for every detail?
  6. So I need to put together some detail sheets with different scales on the same sheet. Any suggestions on how to organize sheets, layers and viewports to make this as easy and flexible as possible? Thank you for any suggestions you have.
  7. Just in case anyone looks at this topic, Pat replicated the same problem and found a temporary solution until this bug is fixed... at least we think it is a bug. To consolidate the windows in the window schedule, you should divide by the cell with the =COUNT formula in it (i.e. /D4), then multiply by that cell (i.e. *D4) so the formula will look something like this: =(Window.OverallWidth)/D4*D4 Weird, but it works for now.
  8. So just when I thought I had all the schedule stuff figured out... I am consolidating all the similar windows together by using the SUM function in the Marks database headers. I use the =COUNT formula to display quantity. And I divide by that quantity (/A4, the cell which the +COUNT formula appears) in the formula for overall height, overall width, and elevation. The quantities show up correctly. The dimensions are right if the quantity is 1, but half what they should be when the quantity is 2, and a quarter of what they should be when the quantity is 4. I did this in the door schedule and didn't have a problem. What am I overlooking here?
  9. That worked! Thank you, thank you!!!
  10. While Edit Criteria didn't work, Set Criteria worked. At first I had trouble figuring out what criteria I needed to set beyond the Layer criteria, but I figured it out - Type Is Space. So that is all resolved - thank you very much! Now onto the second part... I can't seem to get a separate Finish Schedule on each sheet. I am using VA Create Schedule to try to place the Finish Schedule on each sheet, but it doesn't seem to want to do it. I can only get it on one sheet at a time. I tried copy and paste, but it will only take the exact schedule and repeat it so when I change the criteria on one, it changes on both... ugh... Sorry to be so needy!
  11. That is exactly what I am doing, but I still get that error message.
  12. Right now the formula is shown as: =DATABASE(Space.'On Schedule'=TRUE) Or if I'm going to use the Room Number as the criteria, that formula is: =(Space.Number)
  13. I tried to edit the criteria from the datebase header, but a message came up that said: "This criteria cannot be edited with the Criteria Dialogue. You must edit the VectorWorks representation of the criteria using the Worksheet Formula Bar." I don't know how to add criterion by formual.
  14. I am working on a multi-story office project and I would like to put a room schedule on the Finish Plan page that is specific just for that level. The room numbers are assigned through space objects and correspond to the different levels by hundreds, i.e. 100s for the first level, 200s for the second level, etc. Is it possible to do this by way of some formula in the Room Schedule?
  15. A really big, big thank you. I looked at your previous posts, experimented around, and seem to be able to do what I need. Now I just have to organize myself and pull it together. Thank you very much!!!
  16. Ohh... okay - that must be a good first step. I've done that and got them all consolidated together. Now, one other question (sorry to be so ignorant) but how do I get it to show the quantity and the correct size of the doors - it seems to have added them all up!
  17. AWESOME! Thank you so much. That was really easy and helpful now that I see that ALL unit defaults are controlled there.
  18. I upgraded to SP3 but that didn't help. So I guess this problem has not been solved yet? *sigh*
  19. I am using the space tool as a way to label rooms. There is a nice feature which will also show the area of the space under additional data. The area is rounded to the nearest thousandth of a square foot. I really have no reason for it to be that precise and would like to round it off to the nearest square foot of 1/10 of a square foot. Is that possible?
  20. I have many of the same doors and would like the door schedule to reflect the quantity of all doors with the same ID. I placed the doors and edited the settings so that all doors that are alike have the same ID. However, the door schedule shows each door individually. Perhaps there was a better way to do this to achieve a consolidated door schedule. I am open to all suggestions. Please help!
  21. I am having the same problem doing an animation in hidden line rendering. Has this memory problem been solved yet?
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