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  1. As Jim says it sounds as if you have accidentally switched to Top mode (a 3D view looking at the top of the drawing) as opposed to Top/Plan (a 2D view of the drawing). If this is the case it might be useful to know that you can always switch back to Top/Plan mode by pressing 0 on the key pad (Top mode is activated by pressing 5 on the keypad).
  2. I appreciate the interest guys but in the first instance I'm looking for advice on the process more than potential buyers (that part will come next). In other words I am particularly interested in how you sell these licences. What processes do we need to get in place to transfer them, how does VSS tie in to all of this etc.
  3. So, recent events have led to us potentially having a few spare Vectoworks 2016 licences that will no longer be needed. Does anyone know if these can be sold on, and if so how? Thanks.
  4. Hi Tom, Just to add my 2 cents, we have encountered a number of small issues with working primarily in rotated plan, especially now we have moved to 3D / BIM type modelling. Most of our issues have been resolved by making sure the file is ALWAYS saved with 0 rotation. HTH.
  5. POA

    Wall end cap, IFC

    Ida, I see now what you are saying, apologies I misunderstood your post. This is indeed peculiar. I'm afraid I can't offer any advice on this one. On a side note 3D wall holes do not export to IFC no matter how you tag them, they are just not a geometry that is recognised apparently.
  6. POA

    Wall end cap, IFC

    Hi Ida, Interesting question, I'm afraid I don't know the answer! I had assumed that only basic elements such as walls, windows, roofs etc. were exported to IFC. I know for a fact it doesn't export 3D wall holes, I wonder if it also just can't deal with wall caps. If anyone can confirm this that would be great, a list of what IFC will and won't export from Vectorworks would be handy.
  7. Hello, More a note than anything else. I have noticed that when I have a roof with associated walls, when exported to IFC the walls do not display properly (the majority of each wall is missing in my file). Disassociating all the walls solved the issue for me. Anyone else having this problem? Thanks.
  8. Hello, Trying to join two elements of curtain walling at 90 degrees using the full depth mullion on the corner. This most closely reflects the manufacturers details. Problem is it seems to be getting confused. If the mullions are 250 deep, everything works fine. Any larger than that and some weird projections appear around the corner joint. I have attached images of the 250 version and my required 300 deep version. Anyone got any ideas for fixing this? Thanks for your time.
  9. No worries, glad it helped. For future reference this is a link to a document that lists all the window field names and codes: http://kbase.vectorworks.net/questions/1088/Worksheet+Functions+-+Windows Theres one for doors too.
  10. Hey Markvl, The code for the user fields is UserFld1 rather than UserField1. See if that works, it should be the same for doors. HTH
  11. POA

    Wall Styles

    hello alfresco, Just a thought, have you looked at the Textures tab in the Edit Wall Style window. You may need to activate "Use Component Textures".
  12. Not sure if this is of any help, but I had that exact problem with the clip cube. Once I updated to the latest service pack it sorted the issue. Are you up to date?
  13. Alan, That is absolutely mad! I would be interested to know if it helps, and also whether it is a PC only issue or if it is the same on Macs. Keep us updated!
  14. Mike, Cant say I can relate to that. The ` symbol on my Mac keyboard is just to the left of the Z key and has always cycled through open document windows when used with the Command key. The symbol just to the left of 1 is § and it seems to do nothing when paired with the Command key. You might be able to alter your shortcuts through: tools / workspaces / edit current workspace.
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