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  1. Ok I found an answer, on an obscure YouTube video uploaded by some lone helper. I'm going to be critical for a moment: We recently bought Revit and run some jobs on it. The manual is enormous and spells things out in plenty of detail (y'know, like a manual) and there are also lots of other linked official Autodesk help resources. VW Help is just not helpful enough. And, the various sites and pieces of other VW knowledge are not integrated into a "one place to go". It's a shame that a main reason for leaving VW has nothing to do with the software.
  2. Hopefully an easy one for those in the know: I'm laying out a site of many houses of limited types, and need to experiment with layouts whilst worksheets report stats. I've made a symbol of a polygon of each house type footprint, and entered values in a record format (eg number of bedrooms, number of storeys) with the polygon selected when creating the symbol. The database seems to be detecting the symbols instances as, say, 11 rows are appearing when I place 11 symbols, however I can't seem to get it to report any further information (eg number of bedrooms, number of storeys). Also, how do I get it to count the number of instances? Am I doing this the right way..? PS - I notice if I enter something for the 'Name' in the symbol instance, =N in the database header returns that individual name in the worksheet. This will be useful later for individually naming each house in the worksheet ("Unit 54" etc). Thanks, P
  3. I'm abroad (away from my VW disks) and need to install VW onto a new laptop. 1. Can I download the software 2. Do I need to deactivate (like Adobe) or uninstall the current copy on the old laptop. Many thanks P
  4. Section VP through a simple concrete stair generates this confused state with the fill. Settings are 'Separate cross sections' and 'Use attributes of orig objects'. With smoothing angle at 10deg the round balustrade uprights are also still full of lines (appearing almost black printed). Any thoughts appreciated - thanks
  5. Thanks Mike, 2011 does it. Trying to complete the project in 2010 in which it is already advanced. Forming the stair in 2011 and bringing it into 2010 either as itself or as a generic solid or mesh all end up as just lines. Will attempt the 1:20's etc in 2011 then I guess.
  6. Stair (not custom stair): how is the outer handrail offset from the wall? Can't see any option under the 'railings' tab. Whether railing is 'beside' or 'on' stair, I don't see how a hand can get around the rail. We need the 'beside' option attached...the outer handrail actually goes into the wall!
  7. Is the tool working? Boring as it is, the case for notes functionality: * The new Text Styles are welcome but builders and the courts need correct content - formatting is irrelevant to them. Correct content is central to practising architects actual needs. In many countries notes in fact take legal precedence over graphics. * A typical drawing set will have numerous notes littered across each sheet, with each sheet updated numerous times before final construction issue. Keeping on top of this manually is tedious, time-consuming, expensive, and actually quite antiquated. * Pushing text around via a database is what computers are good at anyway, and loads of programs do it already. VW does much more complex things; why an upgrade and 4+ SPs later is this still a stumbling block? There's also the issue of having to run 'reconcile notes' at all. Why can't notes update everywhere automatically like a symbol - ie parametrically like other things? Just seems unnecessarily laboured...and it's just text, yes?
  8. Fixes listed for SP2 include Reconcile Notes. Still doesn't work... please tell me it's me: Test file and dbase attached (change dbase extension to .xml (the board's Files Manager doesn't accept .xml for some reason). 3 simple notes have been made. One has been clearly amended in the dbase. Reconcile Notes is run. The other notes don't reconcile.
  9. ..but wait for SP3, at least, before you do (I wish I had).
  10. There are problems, actually. I've used Acad, Microstation, and VW extensively on UK projects for many years with many of the smaller ones your size done on VW. For the cost, VW is very good value indeed and is capable of the modelling and parametricism you appear to be looking for. I think the thing you will find shocking however is that the Autodesk and Bentley programs come from the big world of 'products' where, like buying a new car, toaster, or pair of jeans, if bits of it don't work then it's very surprising, unusual, and is immediately replaced or refunded. VW is not like this, unfortunately. You will come across loads of little (and sometimes big) things which don't actually work properly, and these things often change with every Service Pack and upgrade. However if you manage your expectations and develop your work-arounds, you'll get there - with this in mind I'd recommend buying it.
  11. Been looking forward to trying VW's tools for work early in the design process, and then a project came up. Importing the matrix was an efficient way of creating numerous Space Objects. However non-creation of the links was surprising; it would have been useful. Followed Help to the letter, and kept the settings standard. ???
  12. Hmm..it didn't seem to like that false extension. Will try another.
  13. Hi everyone Tried importing this .csv adjacency matrix with standard settings (attached). Get this error (repeated) and Space Links are not created. Just trying to work out if it's me, or a bug and to do it all manually. [ .csv's cannot be uploaded for some reason. Change the file extension of 'Schedule' to .csv ]
  14. The window has automatically chosen the wrong side as Outside and wrapped those components. Flipping doesn't work..it puts the external sill on the interior of the building. Any solution..? Thanks - P
  15. Thanks Bob I'd forgot about that, and the 'solids' tool set. I want to make a masonry oven (y'know, one of those egg-like outdoor ones found in southern Europe) and the parabaloid object is just the thing
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