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  1. Hey, weird one this.. When I input dims with the number pad without tabbing across to select the length number I accidentally change view instead. Then on returning to plan view my length dim is fixed no matter what! I enter a new dimension and click enter but the line/wall is drew to whatever length the line is dragged to on screen... The only way I can fix it is to exit the application and reopen the document. Anyone else have this? Here's a picture to illustrate! Thanks.
  2. I'm currently using the 10.8 general release now and Vectorworks 2012 SP4 is working fine. The problems I was having stemmed from something awry in my user account as VW2012 opened fine in another user account I created... Thanks for your help guys/gals.
  3. Still no joy. Completely removed Vectorworks via these instructions;http://kbase.vectorworks.net/questions/935/Uninstalling+Vectorworks+2012 Reinstalled and I'm still getting the crash on the 'Loading Designer Workspace' point during launch. I've just tried what Gunther suggested above and the program still refuses to launch. I have another account on the mac which Ill try and install on now and see where I get. Thanks for the help.
  4. Just tried a fresh install and the progran refuses to open with the same issues as described above. I guess I'm just unlucky! Where do I submit a bug?
  5. Thanks for getting back to me! Yes I of course meant 2012 (*edited the post now) sorry. Just tried what you suggested but had no luck with SP4. Vectorworks loads up until it says 'Loading designer workspace' my pallets apear then crashes. I'll try a fresh install on of VW2012 now.
  6. I'm Currently testing OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion on my MacBook Pro and recently updated to Developer Preview 4 and Vectorworks 2012 with SP3 will not open. Is there anything I can do to get the program to open before I resort to heading back to 10.7 Lion? The funny thing is the Program opened in DP1, DP2 & DP3. Thanks for your help sirs/ladies.
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