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  1. Hello, would it be possible to write a script/ create a plug in that would do a Batch Purge.... similar to a Batch Convert.. I'd love to hear if this is possible.. I have many files that I would like to run purges in, thanks in advance Andy
  2. HI, I am using the export to 3D PDF in VW 2016 .. but the exported files don't have all of my save views that are in the VW file.. Each time and even trialling the various settings the file will only have a random number of saved views. Is there a limit to the views? Why won't all my views appear in the 3D PDF? Has anyone used this export yet? thanks Andy Mutton
  3. Hi, When I add symbols and convert it to a lighting instrument, the body of the instrument tilts to resemble it focusing at some point in 3D space. Possibly a default focus point.. Is it possible to turn this auto thing off? VW2015... Thanks in advance for your help.
  4. Hi, does anyone know What is the limit to the number of lighting instruments you can have in a file in VW 2015? For instance could I have 6000 LED Pars... thanks Andy
  5. HI Jim, thanks for response.. If I am to change my stored views to Custom Renderworks. Do I need to change this render for all my stored views or does the animation just see the first render in the fist stored view in the create animation sequence? Andy
  6. Thanks for your response... with your experiences what do you think is the fastest render type in Create Animations?
  7. Hello VW community.. I am trying to create a a fly through and produce JPEGs for each frame in the path , but its not working as I think it should or maybe it can't do what I want.. I chose Create Animation - Move Along Path - Quicktime Options - Compression type - 'Photo - JPEG' I also create a path between two views over 1 x second Now I was thinking that when I save the file it would produce 30 JPEGS, one for every frame .... but it doesn't do this it just saves a quicktime file... Does anyone know and have the time to let me in on whether it is possible to do what I am trying to do? thanks Andy .. I am using VW 2013 on a large MAC...
  8. Hello, can someone please refresh me.. how do I customise the fields of the OIP? ( not edit the data fields ) cant find it anywhere... thanks in advance.. Andy
  9. hi, I changed the text in the label legends. same thing. I tried another file, same thing. I created a new Label Legend with a new font, then the problem goes away... I was so happy with my new label legend and have been working on 4 files at once... it looks like I have a bit of work to do. thanks A
  10. hi, i have tried opening file on another machine,,, but same thing.. thanks A
  11. Hello VW World, I have been using a new font in my Label Legends called Orator Standard. Which I thought looked great. Until I did a batch print and then all the text in the label legends, which is mostly numbers is now been converted to random letters and text. If I print to a PDF single pages the Label Legends are not effected, only when I do the batch print.. I have tried a restart... no change.. Anyone have an idea what this might be.. or how to fix. thanks for your time. Andy Vectorworks 2011 - Mac
  12. HI, thanks for info.. What about templates? If I create a new template and I don't save this template in the the templates folder and instead save this into a drop box folder, when I go to create a new file from this newly created template this file is not listed in the same the list of templates.. So when I want to create a new file I just then open the template file in my drop box folder and a new file is opened. I just tried this and it works for me. But how do I a Workspaces into my dropbox folder, this is something that I can't browse to? Any ideas. Andy
  13. Hi, would it be possibly to just have a template and my workspace in a drop box folder or a shared folder? Or is this a part of the cloud service? It would be very productive for me, as i work across two machine, but its 50/50 as to which machine I create the new file on? Can anyone add to this wish? thanks for your time.. Andy
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