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  1. Is it normal behavior for the Straight Truss Tool to not offer the Change Trim Height of System command unless it is converted to a hanging position? The Truss Tool gives this option right away. I tend to use the Straight Truss Tool mostly for corporate event truss design. The pros of using the STT is that I can manipulate the truss in place without having to find a replacement symbol and hope the records are correct.
  2. Thank you kindly for the quick reply and verifying the process for me.
  3. Apologies if this is somewhere else. I've searched through the community and online without success. I'm looking to use an upright truss and base as the stand for a monitor that is being used for teleprompter. I've also own @C. Andrew Dunning Producer Pack 3. Is this possible to do? I also have another possible use case for the TV to be overhead on a horizontal piece of truss. I'm sure I can move individual pieces together group them but hoping for a more refined way if it exists.
  4. Thank you for the input. I made do for some time and recently tried it with a new file after an SP update and it started working again. Also tested on an M2 mac mini and it worked as expected. Happy to have the hints/tips back.
  5. @Pat Stanford @MullinRJ Thank you for the quick reply. I just finished trying both suggestions without any luck. At least I know now it's just a "me" issue and not something larger. Fingers crossed it corrects itself somewhere down the road.
  6. I'm looking for someone else to verify a bug I may stumbled upon in 2024 SP2. In the Resource Manager, whenever the window is on another display other than my primary VW window I cannot see the popup list of actions. Monitor 1 - Vectorworks drafting window etc Monitor 2 - Resource Manager Window ( click "ACTION" button but nothing pops up ) **Move Resource Manager window to Monitor 1 and the ACTION popup will display as expected. This action seems to track with whichever window VW is assigned to. This is a fresh install of VW 24 SP2 on M1 Max MBP with OSX Sonoma 14..1.1 **Edit: This also includes the Right-Click feature for symbols and objects for me @vectorworks
  7. Thank you @jcogdell Seems the original poster for this thread was also having the same issue with another JBL speaker set. Perhaps they could just glance over the others as well?
  8. @klinzey Using the current JBL 932 LAP speaker symbol when building an array. I've attached a reference file with just an array built. Hopefully it's something silly that i've overlooked. JBL VRX 932 LAP array issue demo.vwx
  9. I've been having this very same issue with all the audio speaker symbols, even from the Premium Library since VW 2021. Never seen a way to fix it even with the records. I've manually entered all the data for the VRX 900 series and converted from Metric to Imperial measurements without success. @vectorworks or @klinzey can you help clarify the solution here?
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