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  1. @innes 1234 Find your local distributor
  2. If you can I would recommend looking at Python Scripting rather than Vectorscript. With Vectorscript you are limited to what Vectorworks can do. With Python you have access to other Python libraries which allow you to do a lot more. A quick google search turned up several options for playing an audio file with Python.
  3. Make sure you are using the default Spotlight workspace and not a migrated workspace. Spotlight Numbering should be the first item in the Spotlight menu. The screenshot looks like it's missing several items that are in the default Spotlight workspace.
  4. @innes 1234 Contact your local distributor and ask them about the Vectorworks student2PRO program.
  5. @Kristina90 We are also now getting reports of some problems with antivirus software but with a different file. If you are still getting the error after downloading a fresh copy for Vectorworks check for see if your antivirus software is preventing Vectorworks from installing properly.
  6. @SamIWas The user still needs to have the script in the plug-ins folder. When you place a Red Symbol it places the Plug-in Object with the parameters pre-configured rather than just a symbol. So in order for someone else to use the Plug-in object they would need a copy of the Plug-in.
  7. @Berit Barton If possible upload your problem file her or contact tech support so that we can investigate the issue you are experiencing.
  8. Try downloading the installer form directly from Vectorworks again. I've seen this error before with applications that were not downloaded properly or not downloaded from the official source of the application.
  9. @TBausch1976 Looks like this should be fixed in the next library update. If you run the update library command you should get the parameters in the software console.
  10. With the LED screen tool the texture mapping is done in the Edit Array Image dialog. The other important thing here is that your image in VW is the same size (especially the aspect ratio) as the image you are using from Madmapper.
  11. Braceworks flags these as warnings because of how they will show on the calculation report. If there are duplicate IDs or missing IDs it's much more difficult to follow the structural report when you need to verify calculations or identify the loads and supports. It's not a problem for calculations just a problem when it comes to reporting.
  12. What version of VW are you using? Can you post a version of your file so we can take a look at it?
  13. @Pascal Probst Please contact your local tech support directly and provide them with the file so we can do further testing.
  14. Please make sure you are following the proper use of the address fields outlined here: LIGHTWRIGHT 6 ADDRESSES AND VECTORWORKS
  15. @symo Be sure you are using 2020sp4. We have seen some files exhibit the rendering problem but believe we have resolved in sp4.
  16. The library update issue should be resolved with the next service pack which is scheduled to be released soon.
  17. @alfeltsld ArtNet or sACN should work. See DMX Connectivity Articles.
  18. If you are using the default class settings for the speakers, turn off the NonPlot-Loci class.
  19. @alfeltsld Correct. The requirement for the use of a dongle is from MALighitng because of the use of MA-Net2. You can connect using ArtNet or sACN without a dongle. For MA you would need to have a console, programming wing etc. in order to enable ArtNet or sACN output.
  20. Spotlight will read a tab delimited test file, just make sure there are no consecutive tabs in the file, empty fields should be represented by a dash (-). The problem you will face is having a unique identifier to match your data with the spotlight lighting device. Normally when you export from Spotlight you also export a unique identifier so that on import the unique identifier can be used to match incoming data with lighting devices in the document.
  21. We will have to take a look. The export shows 184,854 "Geometry" objects that I can't immediately identify. If I uncheck that option from the export it works fine and appears to be complete.
  22. @Rickerly Post a sample file to the forum and we can have a look. Also what are your graphics settings in Vectorworks? Best Performance or Best Compatibility? You can use Reset Saved Settings to clear your settings.
  23. Refresh instruments also works based on a selection. If you have your layer options set to active only, you can select all then run refresh instruments it will only refresh the selected lighting devices.
  24. Check your class visibility in general. Try turning all the classes on. Most of the symbol geometry is drawn in the None class but there may be other classes. Till you get it working turn off "Modify lighting instrument color" Having it off will remove an extra step is diagnosing the problem. From the Resource Manager, double click on a lighting device symbol and then switch the the standard symbol insertion tool and place the symbol. This will help you see if there is some strange class settings. Also, what happens in a new blank document? Be sure not to use a template file when testing.


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