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  1. We recommend selecting "Use Geometry" for compatibility with Braceworks and MVR. Both systems rely on having unique geometry and identifiers inside of the hanging position in order to properly process the hanging position. If you are not using Braceworks or MVR as part of your workflow it's safe to select "Create Symbol".
  2. klinzey

    SP3 has broken my default label legend...

    @Benjamin Weill I can't reproduce your problem in a simple test file. You can set the default label legend in the label legend manager. Place a check-mark in the active column next to the label legend you want to use as your default. Since you are getting <None> you probably don't have anyone marked. I have seen some very old files where I have had to do this twice to get the choice to stick. So if it does not work the first time open the dialog and try it again.
  3. klinzey

    Tyler Truss

    @Kevin Allen That was going to be the next step and there are a few other things to try if that did not work.
  4. klinzey

    Tyler Truss

    @Kevin Allen It sounds like your library index is out of date or has become corrupt. In the Resource Manager, click the gear icon and select Refresh Libraries and see if that fixes the error.
  5. klinzey

    SP list of fixes

    The list is posted in the Vision 2019 SP3 announcement.
  6. klinzey

    Vision Video Screens

    The video format should be a simple avi file. [YUV format using the DV Video, MPEG-4 (XVID) codec] We texture map the video based on how the image is texture mapped to the object, so the image you use in Vectorworks should be the same size as your video. Vision does not allow you to do any texture mapping so it all has to be done in Vectorworks. The "Vision 2017 Demo" in the "Demo Documents" folder contains a sample using a video file if you want to take a look at a working example. It uses the firecinepak_xvid.avi found in \textures\scene\ folder.
  7. klinzey

    Hoist Label Fill Colour

    What is your document default fill color?
  8. klinzey

    Gobos getting cut off

    The problem is likely your source image. Just like a real gobo, your source image needs to fit within the circle generated by the light. It's a little hard to tell because your image is also a rectangle but if you look you will see that your missing areas are clipped by the circular light. The overall image must be square. We recommend a 2"x2" square with black filled to the edge and then a slightly smaller circular area for the image area. A lot of gobo shift would work but you will then start to see light bleed around the gobo image.
  9. klinzey

    VW Spotlight19 Gobo

    In Vectorworks you need to make sure you have the "Draw Beam" option turned off, the light turned on, and your render mode is set to one of the Renderworks options.
  10. klinzey

    Picture on screen / LED screen

    For the LED screen your source images needs to be the same aspect ratio as the screen otherwise it will automatically tile to fill the available space. You can do it with white space in your image using an image editor.
  11. klinzey

    VW Spotlight19 Gobo

    You have to specify a Vectorworks texture. Specifying a dds, jpg etc. image files will not work. If the Vectorworks texture does not already exist you can use the Create Gobo Texture command to create one from the image. P.S. dds files are obsolete and not supported by Vision on Vectorworks. dds files are automatically replace with jpg by Vision.
  12. klinzey

    VW Spotlight19 Gobo

    You have to assign the specific gobo to the fixture the same way you would do it with a conventional fixture. Vectorworks Help -> Inserting a Gobo
  13. Correct. If you say Lighting Device that covers everything.
  14. The "Lighting Device" is a generic term. We use the term "Lighting Instrument" to reference a "Lighting Device" when the "Device Type" is set to something other then "Accessory" or "Static Accessory". There are certain behaviors that do not apply to a "Lighting Device" when the "Device Type" is set to "Accessory" or "Static Accessory", certain behaviors that apply to "Lighting Instruments" and certain behaviors that apply to all "Lighting Devices" no matter the "Device Type" setting. We need and easy to indicate this distinction in the manual without having to specify "Device Type" every time. The terms are similar but there is a slight difference where each is used.
  15. klinzey

    GrandMa - Vision

    You should use the dll that ships with Vision. If you need to change the grandMA.dll for some reason it should be placed in the ...\Vision\DmxProviders\32\ directory.
  16. As soon as you place a light in the document the default lighting is turned off. It does not matter if the lights are on or off. There is no way to turn the default lighting on if a light source exists in the document.
  17. klinzey

    Vision and Hog connection issues

    Please let us know if this works for you. I talked to the engineers from HES this afternoon and they are having mixed results. A clean install of the Hog4 PC after installing Vision has always fixed the problem for us but it's not always working from them. If you still have problems I may have one of our engineers contact you to further isolate the issue.
  18. klinzey

    Vision and Hog connection issues

    What's confusing us is that is it not happening with MAnet or on a real Windows machine.
  19. klinzey

    Vision and Hog connection issues

    Just to add some more information the the thread. We are investigating an issue running in bootcamp with Vision 2019 with HogPC. We have not been able to duplicate the issue running a standard windows machine. MAnet and other protocols appear to be fine running in bootcamp.
  20. klinzey

    Inconsistant label legends

    Labels automatically adjust their position based on the bounding box of the symbol, they are not positioned relative to the other labels. A label placed 6" in front of the fixture in the layout, it will always appear 6" in front of the fixture. This keeps the label in front of the fixture if your fixture is 6" long or 6' long. Since the bounding box for your moving light is larger the labels are further apart than your conventional fixture.
  21. OpenGL does not cast shadows so normally there is something blocking the light when this happens. Make sure the geometry of your lighting device has a non-shadow casting texture applied and that there is no other geometry blocking the light.
  22. klinzey

    Debug List View

    It's now built into the application; you just need to run the command to enable it. For the debug menu: EnableDebugMenu; For dialog builder: EnableDialogBuilder;
  23. klinzey

    Missing textures

    Yes, http://release.vectorworks.net/latest/Vision/2019-NNA-eng-win http://release.vectorworks.net/latest/Vision/2019-NNA-eng-mac
  24. klinzey

    Fixture rotation after reopen file

    The only time we have been able to reproduce the issue is when sending a file from Vectorworks to Vision with fixtures that have been rotated but not been focused in Vectorworks. For conventional fixtures Vision rotates the head of the fixture 90 degrees by default when sent from Vectorworks if it's not focused. Once saved to a .v3s and reopened there is no default rotation and the fixture may point a different direction if it has not been focused. This is the only reproducible case we have found and will be working on a fix for the issue.
  25. klinzey

    Source 4 Shutters in Vision

    Yes. From the Window menu select Software Console. Now when you select a conventional fixture you can adjust the shutters using the software console in Vision.


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