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  1. Yes please, move it to a new thread.
  2. From Windows 95 to VW 2020 this means, until then we will be 25 years behind.
  3. The fun should come from your design, not from the tool icons. A colorful interface distracts from your own design. This is what a first time user would say. I know you are a very experienced user, but maybe you are not doing color critical design. There is a good reason why most pro apps use a toned down interface - less distraction.. The professional user knows where to find his tools.
  4. brown - purple - yellow - blue REALLY? Looking at screenshots from VW 2018 makes me extremely sad. Seemingly Vectorworks is the last application adhering to the kindergarten color scheme. A design application must not use colors in the interface! Look at any self respecting or professional design application and please get rid of those colors in the interface.
  5. I would like to suggest a different solution. We should have "Calculated Text" or "Placeholder Variables". This way an automatically created text label can be placed anywhere in the drawing, inside or outside of annotations, symbols, layers, viewports, text blocks..... It behaves exactly like regular text. How would this work? Inside a regular text block write any calculation or search criteria and place it between << and >>. Vectorworks would replace the text between the marks with the calculated result. If the text block contains "This is Layer <<=L>>." on Layer "Ground Floor" this would evaluate to "This is Layer Ground Floor." Another example: "The area of Phase 1 is <<Area((L='New Construction') & (C='Phase 1'))>> square meters." I dont use drawing labels, so I dont know the exact calculation, it would be something like that: "My favorite drawing label is <<'NNA_DesignLayerViewport'.'fDescription'>>."
  6. I completely agree - and suggested something like that a long time ago.
  7. 7 times absolute and total agreement from my side!!!
  8. Yes, this menu command works. But why is the "Replace..." contextual menu different?
  9. In my case I lost all values.
  10. If we delete dimensions, VectorWorks should never ever delete the associated object - no matter if there are constraints, resolvable or not. It should be crystal clear what are the primary objects in the drawing. Its the objects that make up the model, not the dimensions. The same goes for moving or duplicating dimensions. Never move or change the original object.
  11. Yes, yes and yes!!!
  12. Yes! "Autohybrid" should be an additional feature of a symbol, not a separate object. The appearance of all other 3D objects should be controlled by the cut plane of the layer. (Back in 2009 I called that feature "Spatial Layer".) Yes, almost! You would not want furniture be cut in half by the cut plane, so every object needs an option whether it should be cut. No additional planes would be needed. If you need a special cut plane you would create a symbol and use the "Autohybrid" feature of the symbol.
  13. There is also a BIM Discussion. In my opinion there would be tremendous benefits from the proposed type of layer an wall implementation.
  14. Yes it is a path object. In the attachment is Framepoly.vso as a zip file. This should work better.
  15. The new resource manager is really excellent, so we should not need custom scripts or workarounds like that any more. Please vote for this tiny improvement, or please move it to known issues.