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  1. Thomas Wagensommerer

    Big undo issue.

    I don't want to see any specific changes... I deleted the rest of my comment, because it was off topic.
  2. Thomas Wagensommerer

    Big undo issue.

    NNA should decide for themselves if consistency is important to them.
  3. Thomas Wagensommerer

    Big undo issue.

    This is also true for every other menu item. Why treat this one differently? - Answer: We should not. Consistency is important. Why do we have the ability to configure menus at all? Shouldn't one huge alphabetical list of menu items be all we need? - Answer: No, for obvious reasons. I, for instance, would move this command upwards in the menu, to make it faster to reach. I would also add a second instance of this menu command in the main menu, right below the other "Align/Distribute..." menu item. This is also for consistency reasons. By the way, having two almost identical menu items "Align/Distribute" and "Align/Distribute..." which do different things is real bad user interface design. Especially if one of them behaves differently than every other menu item, and is also hidden from view most of the time. Why isn't it greyed out? By the same logic, the text formatting menus would disappear, if there is no text selected. And no - saving space isn't a good argument either. Moving targets and disappearing items are bad! I would also want to add keyboard shortcuts.
  4. Thomas Wagensommerer

    Big undo issue.

    Tolu pointed out to me, that there is a contextual menu "Align/Distribute". This menu command will become available when you right-click with two or more objects selected. I did'nt know about this command. - Thank you very much Tolu! This menu has escaped my attention, because it is not a regular command. It is not accessible through the workspace editor! Why? That menu is already really useful, and should make third party plugins like VB Align obsolete. However, there is a drawback. You cannot assign shortcuts to the items using the workspace editor. Mac OS keyboard shortcuts don't work either. So there is a wish, I would politely ask from the programmers. Please add the ability to add shortcuts to the contextual "Align/Distribute" command.
  5. Thomas Wagensommerer

    Big undo issue.

    Thank you for your effort. I have the newest version installed. In fact I checked today, before I contacted you. They are from October 6, 2017 at 01:47. The issue is still there. Kind regards & Thank you, Thomas
  6. Thomas Wagensommerer

    Vehicle Requests for Vectorworks Libraries

    We need vehicle swept path curves more than beautiful rendered images of a fire car. I am the boring type of person who prefers substance over eye candy.
  7. Thomas Wagensommerer

    VW 2018 - Object Info Palette shows "No Selection" even when objects are selected.

    The issue ist still there in SP 3.
  8. Thomas Wagensommerer

    Big undo issue.

    Hi Niki, Thank you very much for your suggestion. VW 2017 never was installed on this machine.
  9. Thomas Wagensommerer

    Big undo issue.

    We are using SP 3 now, and I just lost a lot of work. "Undo" is still broken!!! This is core functionality and I expect it to work. I am not going to mention 100 other things that do not work. From my past experience with the "quality" of this software, I never expected them to work anyway. October - November - December - January - February - March. It's halftime on our way to the next update, and I am slowly loosing my patience. Can somebody explain why we are paying for "updates"?
  10. Thomas Wagensommerer

    landscpe printing

    Since yesterday we're also having the same problem on all of our Computers in the office. We have Sharp MX and HP Designjet Printers. We performed no system update, installed no new printers or drivers, and it is still the same version of vectorworks. - AND IT ONLY HAPPENS IN VECTORWORKS.
  11. Thomas Wagensommerer

    VW 2018 - Object Info Palette shows "No Selection" even when objects are selected.

    As far as I can tell it has something to do with the new document windows and floating view panes. Sometimes these don't behave as regular system windows should do. After that, neither the object info palette nor the undo system will work reliable any more.
  12. Isn’t anyone interested?
  13. Not fixed in Service Pack 1 - VB-145223 Object Info palette sometimes showsNo Selection even if objects are selected.
  14. Thomas Wagensommerer

    Undo issues

    VW 2018 still fails to record undo operations properly.
  15. Thomas Wagensommerer

    VW 2018 - Fails to record undo operations

    if this happens you get thrown back several operations, instead of one. (Not counting view changes.) Edit: Please delete this post. I didn't see that there is already another thread with this topic.