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  1. The coordinate System of viewport annotations ist currently linked to the sheet layer. I my opinion this is not user friendly, it should be linked to model space. The picture shows a line, which should be on Y-level 0,00. The object info palette shows useless information, which is linked to the viewport position on the sheet layer.
  2. We do Austrian permit plans, which I think are very similar to German plans, and we never used a dedicated document in order to achieve drawing standard requirements. Could you please explain in which way do you think your workflow would be advantageous?
  3. I want to change the words "Elevation" to "h" and "Diameter" to "ø". Thank you for your help, but it seems this is not possible.
  4. By the way - regarding the slab drainage tool: How can we change the text "ID", "Elevation" and "Diameter"?
  5. Don't worry. Based on my experience, starting with MiniCAD +4 about 27 years ago, Vectorworks 2065 should be well able to do what you expect.
  6. Shouldn't we assume every Nemetschek programmer knows ISO 128 by heart and Vectorworks produces ISO 128 compliant drawings out of the box? No?
  7. How can we change the text "ID", "Elevation" and "Diameter"?
  8. "Widget Groups - Say goodbye to endless scrolling that creates a long and tedious workflow. We now offer widget groups in the Object Info palette that allow you to collapse and expand specific groups according to your preferences." Are these accessible by vector script? Where can I find documentation?
  9. Just open the Workaround Manager, hold down the Makeshift Key and select the Kludge Tool.😂
  10. I would like to take this opportunity to ask for the following mouse behavior again: 1 finger on the mouse = panning 2 fingers on the mouse = zooming
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