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  1. VW 2018 still fails to record undo operations properly.
  2. if this happens you get thrown back several operations, instead of one. (Not counting view changes.) Edit: Please delete this post. I didn't see that there is already another thread with this topic.
  3. It gets more interesting every day.
  4. From time to time the object info does stops to display plugin objects, and Vectorworks needs a restart.
  5. Thank you for your response. I have found the source of the problem, it was a font conflict.
  6. Also they loose their ability to dock to each other for no apparent reason. Vectorworks needs a restart when this happens.
  7. Yes, you could do that, but it is not what I mean. The top surface of the Magic Mouse works completely independent from the normal mouse function. It does not need any mouse clicks, mouse movement nor any selected tools. It is like having a regular mouse and an additional trackpad on the top of the mouse. Currently you can only configure this trackpad on the top of the mouse to be either pan or zoom. It is like having a trackpad only for zooming or for emulating keystrokes. There should be more options to configure this trackpad. In my opinion it is the currently most neglected hardware feature. What is even better, it could be configured to react differently, when touched with one, two or more fingers. If you wanted to be fancy you could have 3-finger zoom, 2-finger flyover, 1-finger pan in addition to all your regular mouse functions. All that without modifier keys and independent from selected tools.
  8. Yes, you can simulate a middle mouse click. What you can't do, is to switch between panning and zooming and keep both with smooth analog movement. At least I was not able to find any tool that does it. In fact I am astonished that this is not possible. I am even more astonished that nobody seems interested in that feature. Maybe everyone has it already configured in that way and I just don't know how it ist done? Maybe nobody uses a Magic Mouse? It would be so simple: One finger on the mouse surface: Scroll (Pan) through the drawing in two directions. Two fingers on the mouse surface: Zoom in and out. Seems like a desirable standard to me.
  9. I like how the wall style popup got almost the full functionality of the resource browser. I would like to suggest, that the class and layer popups should be enhanced in the same way. The layer and the class popup menus should get most of the functionality of the navigation palette. Which would look somewhat like this:
  10. BTT translates gestures to keystrokes. This is not what we want, because it is slow and clunky.
  11. This is most likely a bug: Given are 3 walls on 3 different layers. If these walls do have components snapping to some of their Intersections does not work. Snapping-Example File.vwx
  12. Thank you very much for this tip. Interestingly "Centre View on Activated Layer" was unchecked as it should be. But switching it on an then off again solved the problem.
  13. I never noticed that behavior before. I am aware of the setting for "Separate sheet views", but this should only apply to sheet layers.
  14. I wish we had better support the Apple Magic Mouse. Touching the mouse with two fingers should be the equivalent to holding down the option key, so you can zoom and pan with the mouse. I tried to use mouse drivers like Better Touch Tool, but it seems this cannot be achieved without support from the vectorworks application.